Saturday, November 3, 2007

Donut Factory - Donut with an Empty Heart

Donut Triva - Do you know Madonna work at Dunkin Donuts before she became a singer?

After work, went to the newly opened Donut Factory with colleague, Oreo to take a look.

I was told that Donut Factory is the authentic donut outlet that attracted a lot people to queue for hours for some of their fares. The outlet was painted white in colour with great ambience lighting and beautiful seats. It really seem very different from the two donut outlets that I went to before. I was pretty impressed by the way they greeted their customers. Once stepped in, they will greet you with big smile like how they do it at most fast food or Japanese restaurants. This already score points with me on the first impression. I really do feel that their service was also much much much better than the rest, in fact it was so good that I think a lot of restaurants can learn from them.

Actually, we didn't really plan to buy anything, but just curious to take a look. However, at the shop, staring at the beautiful donuts, one can't help but wanted to try their donuts to find out why people are willing to queue up for it.

However, it turned out that it wasn't really our day. Both of us had practically no money left except some coins in our wallets, so a bit unsightly, both of us dugged out coins to share one.

And yes, out of curiousity again, we brought one donut to share. Ahem, erm... I did say I am not going to eat another donut again, but well, I shared with Oreo, not really eating one whole by myself.

We stood there starting at the menu, trying to decide what to order. Hmmm, all looked and sound still very sweet for us, so sinfully we settle for a tangy one - Chocolate Heart With Lemon Cream.

Eagerly to try, we took the donut and sank onto one of the seats to try it out. With a knife and forks in hands, we happily tear open the bag, divided the donut into half. The divided donut become messy as its chocolate coating is still wet. I stared at the donut and noticed that something is missing.

I asked Oreo: " Hey, this is the chocolate heart with lemon cream donut right? "

Oreo answered while cutting her portion into bite size mumbled :" Ya... why?"

I stared hard at the donut, said :" Erm, but there is no cream... it is empty. Is it correct? "

Oreo, with the "can I just eat" face said: " Ah! Must have cream meh? Is the lemon in the chocolate? Then how? Never mind lah, we just eat first, tell them later. "

I looked disappointed but don't know if the cream should be inside, insisted :" But we would not know if we don't asked. What if we finished and there should be cream inside? Who will believe us?"

Oreo smiled with eyes on her bite size portion:" So how? Can eat first? "

I stood up and asked one of the staff who happened to be their manager.

Me: " Sorry, I brought this Chocolate heart with lemon cream donut, should there be lemon cream inside?"

Manager (looked concern) :" Yes mdm, there is lemon cream inside the donut, yours didn't have? How many have you ordered? I give you another one... "

Me (trying to stop him): "Erm, no need really, I just want to find out, that is all ~~..."

Manager (Hand me another donut) :" So sorry mdm, here you go. "

Me (look embaressed) :" Huh... erm Thanks..."

Manager (Smile) :" Never mind, Just take. Thanks ! "

Actually, I just wanted to find out if there is cream inside. I don't really want them to compensate me. Their donut is nicer than the rest, soft and fluffy inside, but still too sweet for me. Not really something that I would like to buy again, although I do appreciate their working attitude and services.

What are the odds of getting a filling-less donut? They are all man-made... Could it be a sign - an empty heart ... Hmmm...

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cloudmuse said...

Sounds good. The service sounds good too. Must go and try. :P