Sunday, September 16, 2007

Waraku Japanese Restaurant: 叙旧 - Part I

We met up at Orchard yesterday to do some window shopping before going to dinner at Waraku. We past by Louis Vitton boutique, a long quene outside. I wonder if every one of them are really buying anything from there. According to my friend, a wallet cost about $800 dollars. I wondered if I have that kind of money, would I spend it like that?I can really buy a lot of things with $800 dollars. . . for example a fridge.

Then we went to Coach to take a look at their wallet. I am thinking to change one, but not sure if I can bear to spend that much on wallet. I saw one white embossed coach logo wallet that I quite like, but it cost $375 dollars. Should I be splurge once for myself? Then I worried that it would get dirty easily. My current buffel leather wallet looked gray and green after half a year, which pains me. My orange coin pouch is becoming a bit dirty too. I will cry out loud if it happens to that $375 coach wallet.

Furthermore, I just heard from one of my friends that there may not be a pay increment at all. Immediately, the news affected my mood again. I should really save up more rainy days. Sad... Is not as if I didnt work hard at all. I worked hard and do my best for every tasks given to me. Some of them can argued that I am not doing important things and most of them are "easy" job, but I didn't purposely chose to do easy work, did I? I did what was given to me isn't it? Just because it is sheltered and less stressful, I should pay the price for stability? Hai~

Anyway, we went for dinner later at Waraku. The selection there is amazing and I really think that their quality is better than Ichiban Boshi.

Seven of us ordered the following food:

Seafood Nabe Hotpot
LH says that the seafood is very fresh and their stock is so rich in flavours...

Hotate Cream Udon
Ms Foong's selection. We had a scare when we saw the noodles, it comes in a basin practically. The portion is huge !!! The Udon is springy and taste wonderfully creamy with the sauce. Luckily she did not finish it, cause it is really fattening.

Judy's Gyoza Cheese Udon
For a moment, we thought we are in the wrong restuarant. It taste more like Korean Kimchi stock than Jap.

My Katsu Curry Don
The katsu was surprizingly thick, about 1.5 cm in diameter. Goodness! Could have been better if the meat was more juicy. I guess my colleague, Isabel would love this. :)

Northie's Teriyaki Don
Unlike most of the teriyaki that we have eaten, this look more authentic and grilled.

For dessert, we have the traditional ocha ice cream served with azuki beans and mochi.

and Ocha Ice Cream Cake
No different from the ice cream...

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