Thursday, September 20, 2007

Daa Dah ! Lychee Martini Cake ***

Look very common isn't it? It look like strawberries cake or something.

It is pale pink in colour and layered with fresh cream and lychee bits. The lychee bits have been soaked in vermouth (Not sure if I spell it correctly.) The alcohol doesn't taste too strong and in fact is very mild only. I love the lychee flavour, which make the cake taste very light and refreshing. It is just nice, not too sweet. After eating, it left a very mild lychee flavour in your mouth.

I am giving it 3 stars for its uniqueness, but I think it can be further refined. For example, there can be more lychee bits in the cake. I am sure for $35 dollars they can certainly put more instead of this much. The lychee flavour (maybe and the alcohol) can be stronger by a little more. I would also improve the cake texture and presentation. The cake is a bit mushy and they left the crust of the cake intact. I thought most of the patissier would cut them away. It is not very pleasant to see the skin of the cake on the sliver tray. The design should be classier.

In fact, I don't just comment for the sake of commenting. I do know how to bake cake and make gateau. Maybe next year, I shall make one for myself. It will certainly not cost more than 35 dollars. :)

Verdict- Can try as it is unique but not strongly recommended.

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