Monday, September 17, 2007

How far would publicity go?

Just yesterday at Orchard Rd, I saw some guys in white and green T-shirt standing along the busy street. I had thought they were giving out pamphlets and balloons to passers-by. Then, I saw a lot of people stopping to take things from them. Normal pamphlets would not have attracted so many people, so out of curiousity, I move closer to take a look.

As I have guessed, they were giving out lollypops!

The green and white stripes lollypop had a sticker of the company to inform people who are they from and there is also a removable discount voucher card on the stick. I thought it is much more effective way of attacting people compared to giving out pamphlets.

The only problem with this publicity is that I thought the company had made a mistake with their choice of color. I mean without telling you the company name, who would you think of when I mentioned green and white? Yes, you would have probably thought of Starhub - second largest Telco in Singapore right? My friend had thought that it was from Starhub.

Well you can't really blame her. I mean people would not normally associate Bossini with green and white... I would think of blue when people mentioned Bossini.

Then at Plaza Singapura, we saw this...

It is a real coffin (of course empty) and even has flowers stands beside it. You might asked aloud: "Why is there a coffin at the shopping centre?"




It is a publicity teaser for the movie - Death at a funeral. This is how far would people go to grab some of your attention... It was stated as a british comedy movie and sound funny. I might want to go and watch it.

百无禁忌 升官发财

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