Sunday, September 23, 2007

Belgium Ice Cream Hawker Stall

It was a very hot yesterday. I was sweating like mad. Happened to be at the Golden Mile Hawker Centre area, so went to try the famous Belgium Ice Cream. There were a lot of people lining up when I was there. Occasionally, you can feel that someone is taking photo outside the stall (Yes, I was one of them.)

The "ang mo" was no where to be seen (not that I am there to see him anyway), instead an middle age auntie and uncle was tending the stall. The stall is not your usual hawker stall. It was renovated very nicely and even has an computerised touch screen cashier (Cool hor?).

Their ice cream looked quite decent. One scoop cost $1.80 and two scoop cost $3. I asked if I can have two scoop of different flavour ice cream. The uncle answered quite friendly:"ok, charge you $3 lah. " (Isn't 2 scoops cost $3? Don't understand what he meant. )

Anyway, I asked for Green Tea and Chocolate. The strange thing is that he served 4 scopes of Ice Cream instead of 2. I wondered if it was due to the small ice cream scoops that he had to serve 2 scoops as one instead. The presentation is quite disappointing. I was hopping to see paper cup or something, instead it was the polyester foam bowl...

Green Tea was very mild and the flavour can be easily missed. There was bit of ice in the ice cream which makes it quite amature. The chocolate flavoured one was good though. It was very thick and creamy. Overall, I would give them 3 stars, partly due to the hot and dry weather yesterday. The cooling sensation deserves an extra star .

Besides ice cream, the shop also sells waffles with chocolate dip - $1.80 and fondue. The chocolate dip was also served in polyester foam cup too. Duh...

Verdict - Can try if you are curious

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