Thursday, May 1, 2008

Live Nation Wants Faye !

This is exciting news for all Faye's fans! Live Nation, a concert promoter company which have signed a record breaking deal with Madonna reportedly going to set up an Asia branch too.

Of course, the Asian branch must also have a Diva that command the most fame and popularity. For that , they are looking for none other than Faye Wong !!! Reported in ST, they are willing to fork up $100 million Hong Kong dollars ($17 million Singapore dollars) to sign her up.

I doubt she will be interested. My impression of her was that she valued love and a happy family more than anything else. She has mentioned a lot of times that she wanted to retire and hope that people will just forget her when she does.

Faye is widely known for wanted to be a commoner and lead a simple life after she retires. I heard Faye was invited by Madame Tussauds' museum in Hong Kong to be the first female artise to have a wax sculpture there, but she rejected because she do not want people idolised her like that.

As fans, we will be happy if she decided sing again. Life is bored without her music. However, if Faye decided not to sing again, we can understand and respect her decision, most importantly for her is that she is happy.

Anyway, her agent has told the papers that Live Nation has not approached them yet and whether the deal would be come through will depend on the type of collaboration. Katie, her agent said that talks will be easier if they do not need Faye to do any publicity work. In Asia, I think she is the only one who can demand all kinds of conditions e.g. don't do publicity and still get a deal.

Like Madonna, I feel that they are successful because they are assertive. They are not afraid to tell others what they want. Madonna once said that, and I thought it was quite true, a lot of us bottled up our thoughts and are afraid to said out what we wanted. Perhaps, we did not want people to judge us by what we demanded. However, if one is unable to tell others what they wanted, they do not get it.

Especially, Asian people are very prone of not telling/not communicating properly to others what they wanted because of our teachings from young that we might be seen as impolite if we demand too much. I am not saying that everyone of us should demand a lot of things and start being arrogant, but to at least let people know where is your limit and what is your minimum requirements. It will make things a lot easier.

Let's learnt from them and hope that we can also be successful one day or at least be a smarter woman!

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