Sunday, May 11, 2008

Geylang Bahru - Hong Mei Western Delights (Delicious)

Shhhh, do me a favour, don't tell anyone about this. As a foodie (cannot claimed I am a food connoisseur), I have my personal favourite hunts to look for good food. The following stall served one of the best western food in Singapore, but strangely it has not been attracted any press' attention yet. Not that they need any more attention, they had more than enough attention judging from the queue and the piles of plates at the tables near the stall. In fact, all the better that the others not know about it, cause I don't wish to wait any more longer for their food.

Hong Mei Western Delights is at Geylang Bahru Hawker centre. Actually, there are two western food stalls at the same row facing the carpark, but don't get mixed up. Hong Mei is the older stall and the other one had only opened in recent years. It is also easy to recognise the stall judging from the queue and the number of people eating their food.

So, what is good with Hong Mei's western food? Their grilled Chicken Chop (lost the picture) was their signature. I suppose the same with the rest of their grilled meat, but I haven't tried them yet. They are grilled to perfection that meat retained the meat juice, making them moist and tender. Another reason why their food was so nice was their special formulated BBQ sauce. The sauce was sweet and flavourful. I had guessed that the flavour of their sauce was from the mushy bits of mysterious ingredient which I assume was onion and garlic.

Usually, they only put sauce on their grilled meats, but you can request Aunty to give you some sauce for the fried food, such as Chicken Cutlet. However, do ask nicely... You know, they are very busy, she might not answer you in a nice tone. Be careful. Hee Hee.

I also want to highlight that their fish and chip is also different from normal western food stall. I think theirs have more fish meat and the crust tasted nicer. Go try and let me know if you like them, but don't tell too many people about it. We don't want to wait too long for good food isn't it? So sshhh... ;P

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