Sunday, May 25, 2008

Andy Wahol's work in Singapore !

Been seeing this ad playing on AsiaFood Channel about Andy Wahol. He is the guy who screen painted the off-colour (as if the colour has run or it was not printed properly) Marliyn Moroe, Mao Ze Dong, or better known as the Campbell's soup artist.

Why is he so famous you asked? Well, he re-defined and popularised comtempory art by using social icons such as famous people and common American products such campbells' soup can. (Afraid of getting sued for pasting the picture here).

Good news for those who are keen on his work or wanted to view them ! A local gallery located near Bukit Merah has bought in some of his work. Besides selling art pieces, the gallery also hold talks and visits for art students and the public. There is a talk about Andy Wahol's work this Sunday (first of June). If you are interested, visit their website below for more details.

I feel like visiting the gallery to get some creative ideas though... :)

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