Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tuk Tuk Thai Kitchen - Happy Mothers' Day

Yesterday, I went shopping at Suntec (mainly Carrefour) with Mum. Later on, my brothers joined us for dinner. Despite having a lot of food restaurants in Suntec, it was difficult to make a choice to decide where to eat. You see, my brothers are even fussier than me when comes to food. Food should be cheap (worthwhile), good and filling to them.

Nothing attracted them at the fountain area and they decided to go up at level 3 to see what other restaurants Suntec has... They have been ranting on to eat buffet, but luckily it was a bit late and it was not worth it to eat buffet.

Then while walking past a restaurant, we were approached by an overly friendly and boastful manager that his restuarant provide good food and we will come back again after eating it. My mental alarm rang off loudly, thus I was a bit cautious and skeptical about the restaurant. My brothers on the other hand thought Thai food is not bad and there are good promotions and discount, thus decided to settle down there. The Thai Food restuarant is Tuk Tuk Thai Kitchen.

They have a lot of dishes and we ordered a few that we like. Fried Fish with Thai Chili Sauce ( promotional price $10++), Green Curry, Fried Kai Lan, Pad Thai, Pineapple Rice etc. Think hunger took over us that I forget to take pictures before we dug in. I must say the Fried Fish is quite good. Depsite being promotional item at 10 dollars ++, the fish was in a good size. It was crispy fried to golden brown and the tangy hot sauce (not enough spicy in our view) was good accompaniment. In fact, it was our favourite dish.

Their green curry was not bad too. Very aromatic like it is packed to the brim with thai spices and most importantly it is not that oily.

We have also ordered another promotional item - Claypot Crab Tanghoon ($15++). Like the fish, it was good value. The crab came in a good size. The tanghoon absorbed all the rich flavour of the crab, tasted full of seafood flavour which rich and peppery. I think they added Chinese herb in the stock, thus there was a hint of the herbal flavour in it as well.

However, there was a slight disappointment. When the dish was first served, the crab shell was still brown colour. The young waitress did not notice that something was wrong with it and was all ready to leave it on our table. I had to stop her and said: " The crab was not cooked. The shell was not even red..." She appeared clueless, but still took back the dish. It took a few more moments later that the dish was served again. It was cooked and the crab shell was in the right colour, lited brightly in red.

Besides the above, their thai otak (4 for $10.90)was not good. It was served cold and texture wasn't as smooth and fluffy as thai otak should be. The thai spices flavour did not come out as strongly as it should be.

Verdict - Prices of their ala carte dishes are quite reasonable. Food is generally not bad and very value for money. Their white rice was 80 cents per serving and serving size is huge despite the recent price hike. I was surprised that promotional items food came in a good portion and size. Our favourite dishes were the Fried Fish and Crab Tanghoon (when cooked). The restuarant might want to improve on the temperature of the dishes served. It is very important to serve food warm to customers. Service is acceptable.

Will we go back? Overall, we did enjoy the food. My mum and fussy brothers were satisfied. For me, erm, just don't sound like you are hardselling things to me, I will probably enjoy the food better. :)

To all Mothers out there - Happy Mothers' Day!

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