Wednesday, April 2, 2008

蔡淳佳 - Je m'appelle Hélène

Went to Karaoke with Oreo and Isebella. Oreo happened to select a few song by Joi Chua. I was impressed with Joi's songs! Ok, being a very loyal Faye's fan, I seldom listened to others except maybe oldies and western songs.

No doubt, most of her songs were not original, but mostly covers of dated songs, she had interpreted them nicely. If I were to compare voices with scent, her voice is not strong at first impression, however it is mild, pleasant and seems to linger. The scent smell fresh, makes you relax and feels comfortable. It is almost like you are standing in the garden early morning, you take a deep breath and you can almost smell the dew on blade of grass... (Shall try to describe Faye's voice next time round)

Until yesterday, I have only heard of her "陪我看日出"。Thanks to Oreo, I found these two songs very nice - "依恋" and "恋之憩".

I just found out 依恋 was a cover from a French Song - Je m'appelle Hélène. Translate as "My name is Helene"(Hélène is pronouce as Elaine). Hey, maybe this is the chirstian name that I was looking for... then again don't think anyone know how to spell it, back to square one.

"恋之憩" was written by 梁文福. I mean the tune is good, but the lyrics is so poetic. I wonder how many Singaporeans can write like that in Chinese now... If only I can write as well... Makes me want to go look for 恋之憩 Karaoke tune and record my own take on this song. Hee Hee.

蔡淳佳 - 依恋

蔡淳佳 - 恋之憩

Je m'appelle Hélène - Hélène Rollès

It is a nice song and the original singer has a nice voice like she is singing directly to you. Don't know why, I always like to hear people speaking french. I feel that it has an edge over other languages. You know how irritated we can be by Singlish and worse if people speak broken Singlish? The same thing can happened to native french speaker, speaking broken English with french accent, you will somehow feel less irritated and might even love it as it sound sexy. French accent sound intimate and sometimes it is as though they purr.

I am obsessed with accent (Pekinese Chinese, Japanese, Espanol etc) and always want pronouced as native as possible (except English just can't...), but French really very difficult. Some words are pronouced in the throat like trying to spit something out or through the nose etc. :P

Imaging pronoucing in French the following words - Excuse Me, Bedok Reservoir, Louis Vuitton, Paris, Voyage, Notre etc. Oui~

Translated Meaning

my name is Hélène
I'm a girl like any other

I have my joys, my sorrows
This makes my life similar to yours
I want to find love , simply to find love

my name is Hélène
I'm a girl like any other

My nights are full of poems
I have nothing else to fill them
I want to find love,simply to find love

And even if I have my picture in all the weekly newspapers
There's no one waiting for me in the evening when I return late
There's no one there to make my heart pound when the projectors die out

My name is Hélène
I'm a girl like any other
I want to find love

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