Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tools of Yesterday Years

While I was at the National Dental Centre, I saw this exhibition - "Tools of the Yesterday Years". I am so glad that I was born in modern time. I cannot imagine people going to dentist in the past. The tools are huge and sinister-looking. Perhaps that why they didn't want to go.

A lot of hammer looking tools... Why do they need so many hammers? Gulp... I don't think I want my dentist to poke these tools into my mouth....

Brace yourself ~!!! The circled tool is for root canal. Dentist will first drill a hole into the tooth, then use the small small picker like tool to poke into the hole to dug out the nerves... It hurts a lot. I know cause my mum done it before. I hope I don't have to do it, please...

See below, do you know what is it? A safe! Hmmm... Why is there a safe displaying at exhibition you asked? Well, remember some of the old old people have special teeth, so dentist need it to guard the precious material. Don't know? Gold! Nowadays, we seldom find old old people with gold teeth liao, but when I was young, there are a lot of old people who have it.

I guess modern dentist also need a safe. Not to store gold since it is so cliche, but for diamonds instead. Hee Hee, I would want a diamond encrusted at my front tooth. It will be so cool ! :P

Hey, I saw that see-saw thing before when I was in primary school. The school dental nurse has one of this thing in the clinic. It was for measuring the gray fillings. Come to think of it, I always hang out at the dental clinic after school. Strangly, a lot of kids would avoid going there, but I like it because the nurse is a very lady and would tell us nice stories.

Those were the days...

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