Sunday, April 6, 2008

Chicken Rice - Guess How Much Is It?

My mum went to 四马路early in the morning. She come back with this packet of braised chicken rice and wanted me to guess how much it cost. Of course, it was meant for sharing. It had extra rice, with drumstick and chicken wing. Knowing that it would cost much more than usual chicken rice, I guessed it cost about 5 -6 dollars. My mum said nope...

It cost a whopping $7.50!

Dropped jaw. Normal chicken drumstick rice only cost about $3.50 to 4 dollars in foodcourt. How can the hawker centre chicken rice cost that much??? My mum said they charge one whole chicken for $32 dollars. For the benefit of those who do not know how much one whole chicken cost - Normal chicken cost at most 20 plus dollars from reputable stalls!

According to my mum, the stall was one of those strongly recommended stall by the press, named something like "dian tai" etc. As usual, is the chicken rice really that nice? Firstly, I love to eat braised chicken. I find the dark honey colour skin very tempting but there are not many places who sell it. One of the better braised chicken which I love is at Kallang Bahru hawker centre. Can this match up with that?

The colour looked perfect, I have to be honest and it smells sweet and fragnant. It almost passed the sight and smell test with ease. I took a bite at one of the meat. Ok... It was very good and I start to forget that it cost $7.50. The meat was very tender and juicy and had a hint of sweetness and the spices in it. Of course, the skin had the most flavour and it tasted almost like salty-sweet candy! I usually don't eat the skin, but I took a bit because it is so hard to resist.

This expensive braised chicken rice can be found at 四马路 hawker centre. Should be easy to find since there are queues. They also sell braised chicken noodles. Yummy. I strongly recommend it ! However, do save up before you go...

Anyway, just to share with you all, my favourite Hainanese chicken rice stall is 东风發. It can be found at Maxwell hawker centre and also had franchise stalls in some other coffee shop. I know 天天 is the one with the long queue and I have tried it before, but I personally still prefer 东风發's and their chilli is good ! So if you are at Maxwell, try both and let me know which is your favourite one. :)

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taster said...

東風發, a lot of msg, always get very thirsty after eating