Friday, April 18, 2008

It never rains but pours...

So how low can one's luck goes? Try fall sick while you are on leave...

I took leave for a short break in hope to settle down my thoughts and concentrate on my room revamp project. 可惜人算不如天算, 计划永远赶不上变化。I fell sick after first day of cleaning.

The room revamp project only managed to sustain for one day. I throw out an old computer table and an ancient looking cabinet on Monday. As my nose is very sensitive to dust, I even wear a mask while clearing things. Guess the precaution wasn’t enough as immediately I took out the mask, I sneezed and non-stop. The next day, I was sick – down with flu. On Wednesday, the flu evolved into fever. Then on Thursday and today, the fever subsides, but the rashes moved in. My chest all covered with red itchy patches.

How suay can I be… I have yet to clear my clothing and bookshelf. Guess we have postpone the project further.

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