Monday, April 14, 2008


I nervously took a seat.

“Lie down first…” ordered the Doctor. “I will give you some anesthetic shots so that you will not feel the pain later on.

“Yup, I know. I have done this before. “

I lay down. The assistance turned on the flood lights and adjusted it to shine directly over my face. Silently, the sense of nervously crept over me and I feel scare.

I thought to myself: Don’t panic. I have done this before. I knew what going to come. Just relax…

The doctor applied some anesthetic cream over the area before injection. The cream taste bitter and the applied area feel warm and swollen. It was numbed.

I can see the needle in her hand and heard her saying:” Don’t be scare, just concentrate on your breathing ~ Count them ~”

“Breath in and breath out~ “ I counted them obediently as the needle came closer and closer.

I felt a short pain and it was gone before I can confirm it. I can only feel the area become more and more swollen as more anesthetic solution was pumped into the area. Just as I thought the ordeal was over, I let out a soft cry. The doctor injected into another area and it hurts. Worst, she has to poke the needle deep into my flesh for that area.

After the anesthesia, I was a bit shaken. My nose, my chin, my mouth and my lips were all numbed. She ordered me to rinse my mouth and funnily I could not gargle at all, because my numb lips cannot hold back the water at all. After the mental laughs, I thought it was scary...

The doctor waited for a few more seconds before starting. The hovering sound buzzed throughout the procedure. I feel the doctor tugging and carving, but luckily there was no pain.

1 hour later, everything is completed. Immediately, I felt my lips were weirdly plump. I remembered thinking to myself, Cool, so this is how Angelina feels every day! The numbness of the nose and chin just make me start to imagining that I just finished my nose and chin implant job, ah not forgetting the lips Botox…

BUT~ no, I merely went for root cleaning session at National Dental Centre. This time round, the procedure was less painful, thanks to the anesthetic cream. Therefore, I even did the whole mouth instead of doing one side of the mouth first.

I have done the root cleaning before and after this recent experience, I am just mad at my ex-dentist. How can he not apply the anesthetic cream before the injection and subjected me to 32 shots of excruciating pain?!!! The pain was like multiply by 20 times of BCG injection. The dentist had to poke the needle into your gums and the area at the roof of the mouth and above your front teeth hurts most. To think I actually pay him a lot a lot more for it…

Then again, my ex-dentist apparently did a very good job. The dentist at Tan Tock Seng’s dental clinic told me that when I was there doing normal cleaning. He even suggested that I should go back to my ex-dentist.

After the treatment, I couldn’t eat at all. To be exact, I couldn’t chew and bite as the teeth were sensitive and sore. I have done the treatment in the morning, thus I didn’t eat much for lunch. Dinner was spoonful of rice soaked in soup. Still, I cannot even squashed the soften rice with my teeth and had to swallow them whole.

My current dentist wants me to apply aesthetic gel to the gums nightly and go back for a review after 6 weeks. Because of that, brushing of teeth at night becomes a 15 minutes routine as I have to apply special aesthetic gel to the parts of the gum.

However, the gel worries me a bit. It was written:

Do not rinse.

But also…

Do not swallow.

So if I can’t rinse, the gel will stay in mouth and gets wash and mix with my saliva. What do you do with your saliva? Yes… Swallow…

*Starts checking for purple nails…

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