Sunday, October 21, 2007

J.K Rowling Revealed that Dumbledore is a Gay!!!

Shocking news!!!

I was reading it off MSN website. J.K Rowling revealed during a reading session that Dumbledore, whom I quite like and respect, is in fact a gay. She revealed that when someone asked if Dumbledore had ever truly loved anyone. She informed that he has falled for the talented dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald .

Hmm... Not that this will change my impression of him, I still and do like him, but I think this is not suitable to be discussed with children. Especially there are a lot of them reading Harry Potter.

This is not a prejudice against people like them or whatever, but I mean children are innocent and should be as innocent as they could be when young. I would want my children (when I have kids) to be happy and carefree as long as they can be (just like cheekymonikes). I would not want them to be polluted with complicated stuff that young.

There could be serious complications for the children by telling them about the sexual orientation of the characters. They are still young, they need not to know about it. Have she ever considered that what if children or teenagers who like Dumbledore a lot, are influence to be like him? Is this correct? The difference between teaching children to be more acceptance to people who are different and influencing them are a thin line. Her words which already influence a lot of people, might encourage people to go the other way subconsiously.

I guess Harry Potter might comes with NC 16 rating soon. A pity, such an interesting and fantasy story where one imagination runs wild, but is it still suitable for young children?

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