Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Chanel Precision - Eye Tonic Dark Circle Corrector

Ask Yourself:
1. Do you looked very different with and without make-up?
Yes, I do. People probably cannot recognise me if I do not put on any make-up. The differences are my eyes. They need make-up to make them look shaper.

2. Do you have problem covering up your dark circled eyes with concealer?
My concealer has problems covering my dark circles as they are getting worst. Sometimes, people even thought that I put on eye-shadow when I did not.

3.Do you have dark circles that are as prominent as the giant panda?
Hey, that is my nickname...

Dark circles can be caused by:

  1. Rubbing your eyes frequently (can cause fine lines as well)
  2. Sinus or allegy
  3. Insufficient sleep
  4. If your parents have it

If you are like me and have the above problems, you need to find a solution fast. I have been read up a lot on how to tackle dark circles. The bad news is that there seems to be no solutions of getting rid of the dark circles permenantly. The most effective way was to massage the eye area gently (with eye cream) to improve the blood circulation. However, you would have to be very gently when massaging that area. The skin around the eyes are very delicate. Too forceful, you might get fine lines around the eyes.

I found this effective solution:

Chanel Precision - Eye Tonic Dark Circle Corrector.

I used quite a few brands of eye cream and tried to massage my eyes, but they didn't really work or have not much effect on my dark circles. I almost wanted to give up and I rely heavily on concealer. I cannot go out without putting on concealer.

Then I read about this Eye Tonic (serum) from Chanel in Her World. The tester used both the Eye Tonic and the eye patch ($174), said that it was quite effective as the panda eyes are reduced and the lines are less visible.

I only brought the eye tonic which cost about $84 for 10 ml. You might think that $84 dollars is very expensive, but the thing is normal off-the-shelves eye cream would have cost about $30 dollars and they are not effective. The other brand that I think really work and is not within my budget is Hylexin. It is supposely can get rid of serious dark circle and cost $218 dollars. Comparatively, for my budget I think Chanel is more worthwhile.

Results? Chanel worked. (for $84 dollars, it better work...) I been using it for 2 weeks and my serious dark circles is significantly reduced and the colour lighten! Of course, one might argued that I would have been massaging when applied the serum, so that is probably part of the reason on why it is more effective. However, the one I used previously, even with the massage, it didn't show significant results, so it is definately the serum that work.

The eye tonic is produced in France, Oui. It definately looked and feel like it is $84 dollars. The design of the bottle unlike your normal bottle is brilliant. It is actually a smart applicator. The white colour bottle is not plastic, but ceramic. It has a roller-ball applicator. (See below.) Before applying, we are asked to shake the bottle. I had thought that was to mix the content up, but it is not only that.

The first time I used it I had a scare. I happily shaked and rolled the serum onto one of my eye lid and under eye. Then when I moved the applicator to the other eye, the serum run dry. My heart stopped. What! $84 dollars for one application? *Heart pumping hard... Just as I panicking, I shaked the bottle again (with cover on), out came the serum. Then I understood.

One shake of serum is just enough to cover one eye on lid and under eye! The shaking actually transfer a part of the serum onto the roller-ball and you have to shake it each time to get the serum onto the roller-ball. When the serum on the roller-ball is used up, you can use the roller-ball applicator to massage your eyes without using up the whole bottle of serum!!! How cool is that ! It will also prevent people from spilling the precious 10 ml of serum.

Immediately when applied, you can feel that the area felt a bit warm. When massage, the tonic also get absored easily. Immediately, you can see that the area lighten up due to light reflection. (Not that I am that lame. It is written in their little booklet.) However with constant use like me, the colour do get lighter. I am very happy now. I hope I will soon be "panda" free!!!

Not sure how many applications the serum will last, I am aiming to use the little bottle for at least one month. I am already planning to keep the bottle when the serum is finished, so that I can use it to massage the eyes.

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Verdict: Chanel Precision Eye Tonic definately work. You can save up a bit to get it if you think it is expensive. However, if you can afford and have serious dark circle, get the $218 dollars Hylexin from Guardian or Watson.

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