Sunday, October 21, 2007


We had a gathering with my poly classmate last friday. The gathering had an eventful start. My friend, Angel, flare up halfway through the gathering. She had wanted and expected the gathering to be small and private, therefore she had only asked a few of us out. Who knows, the three of us had the wrong impression and invited the rest of the poly classmates along.

To be frank, I don't usually wanted to get myself involved in organisng outings. There are a lot of hassles and doesn't pay, epecially when organising outing for mostly "boys"... I wonder why we can be of the same age and they , after training in the army and everything, are still so inmature and irresponsible. I sometimes wonder how we can leave our country to them and let them protect us...

I am in-charge of making reservation at the restaurant and had even catered for extra seats. The "boys" don't even have the courtesy to inform me that there are more people coming. I just don't understand, don't they ever eat out on friday night? Don't they know that everywhere has long quene and seats at restuarant are hard to come by? Even though I feel unhappy about that and even felt disrespectful, but I did not comment on it. However, this sparks off Angel's temper and throughout the dinner she was very quiet.

I have only catered for 6 persons but 4 more persons are going to turn up, so obviously the table is not big enough to accomendate all of us. Those who reached first had to eat fast fast and find ourselves another restaurant for all of us. During the dinner, those inmature and irresponsible boys did not notice the change in her mood and even continue to make silly jokes on each other.

The last straw came when we were looking for other restaurant. You know how teenage boys like to ogle at girls and when they are in a big group, they became this insensitive, arrogant, totally had no respect for their female friends kind of people. All my 24 year-old classmates became those teenager boys. Then, from nowhere, the latecomers joined our gathering with another of their friend which Angel and I have never seen before.

Upon see him, Angel flared up and scolded J for being so insensitive to ask a stranger to join our gathering. She also told him off that they became so childish and inmature when a big bunch of the guys were together. She went on rumbling a bunch of logical reasonings which make me so shocked and amazed at her comments. Usually, for this sort of situation, I was the one to play the black face. (See I was so misunderstood. )

Then she marched off dragging me along...

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