Sunday, October 21, 2007

麻布茶房 - Azabu Sabo ****

(Silly me didn't list the place earlier on. I have amended the entry as well. Realised that I made a lot of grammar mistakes earlier on. Was rushing to get this out fast mah. :P)

After leaving the "boys", we went to a Japanese dessert shop to have Ice-Cream. Just as well, I think Angel needs to cool down...

Japanese Sweet Eats and Tea !

There was a queue forming when we walk past it earlier to our dinner venue. Who knows when we made it back again, the shop was packed. Azabu Sabo sells authenticJap Ice-cream that is made in Hokkaido.

I am amazed at their vast selection of desserts. All of them looked so tempting just by looking at their picture. Besides the typical green tea ice-cream that you will find in a japanese restaurant, they also have baked sweet potatoes, sesame flavoured and strawberries flavoured soft-served ice cream !!! We were spoilt for choice.

I always prefer authentic food, thus ordered the traditional green tea ice-cream with red bean and mochi.

You can taste the good quality green tea in the ice-cream. The sweetness was just right and flavourful without being too sweet. The red bean was so thoroghly cooked, that you almost felt like they melt in your mouth. The mochi , just the right size, is very chewy. The green tea ice-cream actually goes very well with the red bean paste as red bean counters the slightly dry taste that you find in tea. You can easily finish the whole thing off without feeling too guilty.

This is a heathlier version compared to those westerners sundae which is soaked with more candies and unhealty stuff. This Jap version is packed with fruits. The normal looking soft-serve ice cream tasted amazingly nice. I read it from somewhere that Hokkaido is famous for their dairy cow!!! Perhaps this is why the soft-served ice cream taste so wonderfully light, smooth, very fresh and milky. It is nothing like those that you get from fast food restaurant which leave an oily, creamy aftertaste on your taste buds. The green tea syrup added a touch of class and aroma to the ice-cream. I can already imagine myself craving for this sundae on a hot day.

The shop has nice decor too. It is very spacious looking. Perhaps it was due the use of white color and glasses. The Japanese mofits, like their Sakura flowers and ancient painting of Japanese courts are reflected everywhere on their wall and seats.

Look, even the chair decorated with an eastern touch.

Anyway, Angel and I love the Kanji name of the shop - 麻布茶房. It sound very classy and exotic like those Kyoto's Teahouses that we read in "Memoirs of a Geisha". Too bad, there are no Geisha around.

The only thing that bothers me are their waitresses' and waiters' uniform. They looked like french maids and stewards copied off from manga comics. They looked off with the decor and the image of the parlour.

Verdict: They deserved 4 Stars!!!! Should try !

Azabu Sabo is at Marina Square #02-170 / 171. :) I will go back and try the rest of the flavours as well especially their baked sweet potato. They served it with Green Tea Ice Cream or Soft Served Ice Cream!!!

Check out their website for their menu and locations -


cloudmuse said...

Yum, looks delicious! :D Where is it located?

Photosophize said...

Silly me didn't list the place earlier on. :P

I went to the Marina Square outlet. I managed to find their website -

They listed their menu online too!!! The rest of their desserts looked tempting as well. Somehow I think they looked and feel healthier. Might be the fruits.:)