Saturday, October 13, 2007

Build-a-Bear Workshop

Went for dinner with my good friend at Suntec City on Friday. We stumped upon this newly opened shop - Build-a-Bear workshop. For a moment, I thought I was in Neopets' world or something... Because, someone (that smart guy...) had made Neopets' plushie tycoon game (which I always lost...) idea real ! Of course, they didn't used Neopets' name or characters. I had thought the concept was similar.

There were a lot of kids in the shop when we went in. The decoration is very dreamy and kiddy. I was pretty amazed and somewhat excited as I have seen never things like that before. I really thought I was in Neopets' world! See the build-a-bear workshop workflow below:

They are not those "Teddy Bear sewing classes" where you are suppose to sew the bears from stratch shop. They already have the bear skin with head, skin, eyes, nose and mouth done. They only left the last part - stuffing the body of the bear for the customer. Still, you need not stitch them yourselves. They have helpers there to help you with it. I think below are some patterns of bears they have. One of them cost about $29.

Look at these cute cute bear accesssories especially those shoes! If I didn't tell you they are for bears, you would have thought that they are clothings from Kiddy Palace. Hee Hee. They do look real enough for babies though. Not sure if you have to pay extra for them, I assume most likely you have to.

"Love is the stuff inside" - I suppose custom-made bears are stuffed with love. The machine looked like it was some movie prop. Dreamy and surreal.

When your custom-made bear is "borned", it will be issued with a Birth Certificate!

I think it is a good place to shop for birthdays and valentine's presents. The bears can even "talk" as you can insert sort of like pre-recorded message player into it. How cool is that! As the bears are custom-made, they will be very personal and unique gifts. A good place for kids to play and spend time. They would definately cherish the bear more as they made it themselves, whoever that came up with this idea will be earning big bucks.

For those interested, Build-A-Bear Workshop is at Suntec City Tower 3 (in case I am wrong, it is the tower before Carrefour) Level 2 (directly above world of sports). It is next to Gurdian Pharmacy. They are where Towers Records used to be at.

Shall surf Neopets for more business idea...


Ash&Ayd said...

Hi jiejie Jinfeng,
we also went there and we got a bear called, "lollipop". Kor kor decided on the name cos he likes to eat sweets :)

papa also blogged on it :)

mummy ash&ayd

Photosophize said...

Hallo Ash and Ayden,

I read your entry, sound like a fun adventure. Since you build the bear, I am sure you will treasure it more. :) Lollipop sound very sweet. If I have a bear, I would call it, erm... hmm... Let me think...