Tuesday, March 2, 2010

We Are The World Vs We Are The World

Saw this video on MTV yesterday. I was so amazed by the celebrities they managed to gather for this project – We are the World 25 for Haiti.

As usually, I did a search on YouTube and found that Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie did something similar decades ago – USA Africa project.

Though the Haiti version has incorporated more genres and elements, but the structure is still somewhat similar to the old version. It reminded me of postmodernism theory which we learnt sometime ago. I would definitely argue that Haiti version has a postmodernism shadow in it.

We are the World – Haiti Version

We are the World – USA Africa Version.

Can I just ask - what with the brown “panty hose” popper in the old version? Huh? Professional popper screen are not invented then?

*For those who don’t know, popper are placed in front of the microphone to minimise the “pop” and “hiss” sound which singers make when pronouncing certain words.

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