Monday, March 15, 2010

My First Batam Trip (Via The Sea Route)

I will let the picture do the talking this time round.
On a Ferry Boat “Sea Flyte” to Batam.
Slightly shaky, did not get sea sick but beautiful view made up for it… The different shades of blues from the sky and the sea.
We passed by a beautiful island with luscious greens and even a cliff. What island is that you asked? Does it belong to Singapore?
Just as I was pondering over the name, we saw the commercial part of the island – Rasa Sentosa Resort.
*Slightly disappointed* Oh…
So it was actually Sentosa! How come we never saw the beautiful natural part of the island? It could rival those beautiful island which we saw in movies.
Then we reached Batam. Luckily there was hotel transfer, else I would not know what to do. I felt insecure. Batam was so different from Singapore. It was very rural.

It is very common to see a few lone building sprouting along stretches of undeveloped land. I get chills just by looking at it. I cannot imagine myself walking along the streets.

I was curious about the Jaguar sign board and for a moment thought Jaguar had instill a plant in Batam., Turned out to be a “spoof” factory. It was a body painting company name Jaguar, not really the luxurious car brand Jaguar.

Frankly, just hours into the trip, I began to miss home. There is no place I rather be than Singapore. I am glad I am a Singaporean!

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