Sunday, April 19, 2009

Azabu Sabo - Hokkaido Ice-Cream

Weather is hot again after days and days of rain... What better way to cool yourself down than to have a scoop of ice-cold creamy ice-cream?

I am not referring to any ice-cream, but those made with dairy cream from Hokkaido. In Singapore, Azabu Sabo is one of such ice-cream palour. I introduced before about Asabo Sabo, the dessert palour before, but they actually has counter selling Hokkaido ice-cream. One of them was located at Plaza Singapura.

It was a hot day too. Thus, I brought two flavours - Green Tea with Red Beans and D24 Durain. Both flavours tasted so good! I like how the flavours are rich, but yet the ice-cream is not too sweet. It is light and smooth, with no oily after-taste. Especially the durain flavoured one, it is as though one is eating mouthful of frozen durian flesh!

Must try!

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