Friday, April 24, 2009

Strong Wind in Singapore Was Due To Tropical Storm !

I guessed everyone felt a sudden strong gust of wind sweeping through Singapore on Wednesday night (22 April). NEA had informed that the strong wind was caused by tropical storm.

I was at home then, online when suddenly I heard a lot of noise coming from the kitchen. The heavy duty cooking pan, which was hanging on the window grill, had a hard time keeping still. It was blown off the window grills by the strong wind and kept hitting the window grill when the wind slightly receded.

I looked out of the window and it was a scary sight. The sky was red in colour lined with thick rainclouds. The trees and shrubs looked as though they were "high on drugs" or something. They were swinging madly in all sorts of directions. Though strong wind was common sight before heavy rainfall, but I have never witnessed anything of such magnitude.

The wind was roaring as I tried very hard to close the window for precaution sake. It was difficult as the power of the wind was so strong. I closed the big windows and had left the small ones open for ventilation. The sliding windows rattled as the sound of the wind coming through the small windows continued to shriek. There was sound of things falling apart or breaking off down in the street and things were flying in the air like plastic bags, leaves breaking off from trees etc. In fact, few leaves flown into my flat. I was living on the highest floor!

Then, it started to rain. The strong wind blew them into the flat from the small window, something which had seldom happened. As the rain continued to fall, the power of the wind weakens gradually. Soon, rain stop and everything was back to normal. The next day, I saw a lot of “debris” on the path and many people mentioned about the sudden strong wind in facebook and forums.

NEA revealed that the wind speed on Wednesday night had hit 83 KM/Per hour and was the strongest Singapore had experienced in nearly 9 years. It was caused by storm called “Sumatra Squall”. As the name explains, Sumatra squall usually developed overnight in Sumatra and the Straits of Malacca before sweeping into Singapore between midnight and daybreak. They usually occur between April and September. NEA said there might be one or two more of such storm, but it is unlikely to be as powerful as the one we experienced on Wednesday.

The experience reminded me of the movie "Twister". I was so worried that the cats get harmed like they will be blown up in the sky or something... Scary... But I checked the next day, Mimi is fine. :)

Reference taken from CNA news:

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