Monday, April 20, 2009

Russian Doctors Found Fir Tree in Patient's Lung !

This is a real story. A Russian man had been complaining of extreme pain in the chest and have been coughing up blood. Doctors dignosed that he might have lungs cancer and performed an operation on him.

Surgeons investigated the tissue on the affected areas and was shocked to discover a tiny fir tree sampling growing inside the body. The staff believed that the man had somehow inhaled a seed which sprounted into a small fir tree sampling inside his lungs. The coughing of blood and pain was caused by tiny pine needles piercing blood capillaries.

I remembered there is a similar Chinese drama or movie. The man had a tree grown out of belly button because he was cursed by a Chinese witch doctor and later died. Who would have thought that such thing would happen in real life?! Scary... Be careful what you breathe in next time...

For full story, read here!

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