Sunday, April 5, 2009

There's Something Unusual about This Cat...

It was very late, rather cold and windy that fateful day. I was out, preparing to start my nightly hour walk when I noticed this strange animal. Just as I was warming up, out of no where, I saw something with stripes hopping past me. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me and took a closer look and had a shock... Immediately, I wiped out my camera phone and took photo.

My first thought was that somebody had lost their rabbit and it was wandering around in the neighbourhood carpark... But no, it was a cat! Did you noticed what is unusual about this cat?

What? Eyes?!

Nah, the eyes looked like it emited lights because the eye lens reflected flash lights from the camera.

Look closer again and see if you noticed what is unusual about the cat...

To clarify, I did not photoshop the photo.

The cat has only three legs!!! One of the fore-legs was missing but there were no visible wounds or healed cuts. It looked like it was borned with three legs. I hope it was not a victim of human abuses. Because of missing limb, the cat could not walk normally, but rather hopped it's way around. Surprisingly, it can hopped rather fast...

Also, looking at it's condition - clean fur and sturdy size, I supposed someone else had adopted it and is taking good care of it. I hoped it would live to a ripe old age and not let it's disability affect it's life.

Stay strong, Kitty! I hope you would have a good life ahead!

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