Thursday, April 16, 2009

Why Can’t Andy Lau Just Get Married?

News of Andy Lau finally tying knots with his reportedly long-time girlfriend Ms Carol Zhu appeared last year when Andy reportedly asked fans in a concert if he could get married. Fans of course gave an favorable answer “Yes!”.

More concrete reports surfaced in Entertainment section about Andy’s marriage in recent months. There were first rumours that Andy will make a surprise visit to Malaysia in April to distribute wedding cards to relatives and guests from Ms Zhu’s side of family. Then, just weeks after tabloid revealed the news, Andy again poo-pooed the news that it was not true and was a no-show in Malaysia on the reported date. Well today, news of Andy Lau postponing his marriage (whether or not with any truth) to a later date spread in newspapers and online.

After the entire buzz, I cannot help but wondered why can’t Andy Lau just get married?

Of course I do know that Andy is an idol. To those who did not know, an idol is supposedly better-looking artist who attracted majority of fan by charms and looks. However, Andy had showed people that he is more than the face and chest. He is a music icon in the 90s and was one of the two voices which men love to impersonate in Karaoke (the other one being Jacky Chueng). He acted in many profitable films and even won Best Actor in Taiwan’s prestigious Golden Horse Award for his performance in Internal Affairs 3. He is not exactly talent-less and given his current age, I am sure loyal fans would have understood on why he is getting married and will still support him.

It cannot be possibly that he had hesitated for the sake of privacy. Of all people, I thought he would understand that artists of his status would have little or no privacy at all. That is a dilemma and woes of being a public figure. You can try to be low-keyed, but paparazzi and sometimes fans would do whatever to dig out information about you, so much so that your family life, your love life and sometimes intimate moments are laid out for all to see.

I especially felt for Mrs Lau-to-be. She had reportedly waited 20 plus years for his commitment. It is an amazing feat. I probably would not be able to do it. I mean waiting for a man to commit for 20 years… Wouldn’t she at a point doubt that he does not love her? I would. If a man really love you, why wouldn’t he want to marry you and make you his wife?

Just recently, I heard some of my friends relating stories of how their female friends were still not married after dating for 10 years and more. During the earlier years of dating, they often quarrelled with their partners over commitments issues. The man usually cited reasons like they don’t want to settle down so soon, they want to concentrate on their career first, they like the current arrangement or simply give all sort of reasons (except the real one) to divert the questions. As years goes by, they got used of their current situation and decided to stay status quo. Sound familiar?

While some of the men really want some time to achieve what they want before settling down, I would think some of them never did. Those selfish men probably want to have a companion on hand, but actually waiting for someone better to come along. I believed all women knew what is going on and whether their partners really love them. I guessed they continued with the unhealthy relationship because they are not sure what to do if they were alone. Imagine you are no longer young and suddenly alone, what are you going to do ? It will be a traumatic experience.

Back to Andy Lau, I am not suggesting that he is one of those guys.

Perhaps fans and paparazzi should just give Andy a break and let him finished what he ought to do...

So Andy Lau's fan, would you still support him if he were married? If not, why? Are you all attracted to his exterior or his talents?


Haro Genki said...

I feel Andy had too much freedom that he can't imagine how his life will be after marriage.

Anyway, he should just go semi retire and enjoy life. Help out the community and go make movies.

Anonymous said...

this whole chu thing is a hoax! made up by her & the tabloids. why Andy denied her rumors through the years. nothing about it was true.

he's had gf's just Never her.

he's not gettin married.

Anonymous said...

Andy Lau hasn't married because he still haven't met the right woman he wants to marry--simple as that.