Thursday, April 9, 2009

Perhaps, I am not destinated to drive...

I predicted this long ago. For the first time in my life, after having passed Final Theory twice, I failed my third attempt. This along with twice failed driving tests led me to believe that I am perhaps cursed and not fated to drive.

I am depressed beyond words. Driving is something which I have so much confidence in, something which I thought I did quite well, but I just keep failing. I felt so demoralised… It should not be like that. I do not deserve this.

The time to wait for another round of test is just excruciating. The whole series of driving misfit is just so humiliating. I have seen worst drivers on the road, but they are there driving and I am not. The repeated failing of driving related tests as if inferred that there is something wrong with my intelligence.

Thank you for ruined a person who is trying to pick herself up... So so so, humiliated...


katak said...

Please forgive, too many mind. Mind the sword, mind the people watch, mind the enemy, too many mind..

No mind

(quotes from The Last Samurai).

Perhaps you need to have just 1 mind and focus on that. My 2 cents worth. good luck on the next try.

日光。玉 said...

Don't give up girl. Just keep trying! Go for practices before the FT test. If you give up now, you'll never have the chance to get your licence. If you continue trying, the chance will always be there!