Thursday, March 19, 2009

Swissotel's New Asia Bar - Best City View in Singapore

I am not exaggerating on the title. This place is probably Singapore’s best kept secret as not many locals frequent it. The bar has the most beautiful city view in Singapore. Best of all, it is not expensive as you think it might be. It is in fact so affordable that the taxi fare back home would probably cost more than a drink there! Don’t believe? Read on!

Again, this bar was introduced to us by the same “rich” secondary school classmate few years back. Since then, I really believed that rich people know more than commoners like us. I would always bring my friends there to experience ultimate night life in Singapore. Swissotel as everyone would know is Singapore’s tallest hotel. At the top of the hotel, level 70th is the famed restaurant – The Equinox. However, one level above The Equinox which is the 71st level is Singapore’s highest bar – New Asia Bar.

So,what is so special about New Asia Bar? Located at the top of Swissotel , you get the bird eye view of Singapore business district and the surrounding Singapore River area. The view is especially spectacular come night time when the Central Business District lit up. The other thing about the bar is that their drinks are discounted during happy hours from 3 pm till 9 pm. There is 30% off selected drinks during happy hours or "Sundown period" as they termed it and the offers applies to all their lounges in the hotel.

The interior design of the bar is sleek and ultra sexy. Upon entering the bar, one would be greeted by the majestic chandelier. (Pardon the photo, I was a bit tipsy while taking this picture... Nah, just joking my camera is not suited for night shot.)
After 9 pm, the lights will be dimed, so that people's attention will be on the beautiful scenery and the brightly lited bar.

I ordered Caipirinha in Lychee Flavour. It has a similar taste as Mojito, but without the mint. Sweet and nice, definately a lady drink. I ordered it during sundown period and it cost me $13 dollars. I was amazed! Cocktails usually cost $15 dollars at most bars.

My friend ordered Mojito. It tasted quite nice too and yes it is $13 dollars too.

This drink just screamed "Sex and the City". The classic Cosmopolitan. One of my other friend ordered Hoegarden Beer which cost $9 dollars...

Actually, New Asia Bar offers a wide varieties of Champagne-based cocktails. In fact, there is always Moet and Chardon Champagne promotion there. I think one bottle cost about $135 which works out very worthwhile if you have few friends sharing. In the picture, my friend ordered this Lychee-liquor Champagne drink, but I could not remember the name. It is however not a sundown discounted drink and cost $24 dollars, but it tasted exquisite.

There are "free" chips for every table. However, as we did not have a satisfying dinner, I ordered their bar food to share. This is of course normal potatoes wedges. The "special" touch of this bar food is that the accompanied garlic mayo dip tasted very nice. It cost me $18 dollars and I am "grateful" that it was served pipping hot.

After mentioning for so many times about the stunning night view of Singapore, here it is. I must stress that all photos with Photosophize watermark including the one below is copyrighted. Do not reuse them without permission.

Looking at this reminds me of the following:

A Glass of Caipirinha for $13 dollars.
A Bottle of Moet and Chardon for $135 dollars.
A View like this Priceless...
For Everything Else, you have Master Card.


Another spectacular view of the other side of the city! This is the beauty of Singapore!

While we were there, we noticed something untypical of this lady sitting across our table. She had ordered a bottle of White Wine and was actually reading a novel while sipping through the glass. We all looked at her admirably. She had just given the term “reading a book” a whole new class and taken it up a level. Of course, I only wanted to ask her whether she really read the words in the dimed lights and if the techno music really did not bother her.

Perhaps one day in honour of her, I will bring my laptop there, ordered a bottle of champagne and start blogging there. I will then give the term “blogging” a whole new level! Hahaha…


Must visit. Enter the bar by approaching reception counter in the Intro Bar. You will guide to take a special lift to reach New Asia Bar. I supposed no one would want to climb up 71 floors to the bar. The lift is another special experience. I supposed it travelled in super sonic speed which brings you up there in merely few seconds.

Lastly, enjoy the night!


Their sundown period is daily from 3 pm till 9 pm. There is a cover charge of $25 dollars for Fridays, Saturdays and Eve of Public Holiday.

For more information about New Asia Bar, check them out here.

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Anonymous_X said...

The lady reading a the dark?!


Photosophize [ 影.像.物语 ] said...

Hi A_X,

Yup! My friends all commented that she is very classy. My first thought was that she had treated the bar like some Coffee Bean or Starbucks outlets...

I am constantly amazed at things that people can do...(In a good way)