Sunday, July 22, 2007

One Night @ Clarke Quay

Part two of the night was more interesting. I never know Singapore can be that rowdy and interesting. There were a lot pubs and restaurants along the sides of Singapore river. Each has their own attractions like exotic cuisine, live bands, themed pubs. Loud techno-music can be heard along the street.

Although, it is almost like 11 pm when we reached there. There were still a lot of people, walking around, chatting, drinking and of course smoking (outside). I managed to take a few pictures of those interesting pubs and they don’t come easy. A lot of them, which I did not manage to take, have very fierce looking bouncers guarding. (Funny, how come security guards at shopping centres are never as intimidating as them…)

First we see Hooters. I didn't manage to see the Hooters girls, but I read somewhere that they are dressed in shorts (very very short shorts) and skimpy tank top. The menu is printed on the tanks top near their chest. They move around in skates or something. Is it really so?

Fashion Bar - I guess this is where to see and be seen. The decor is very chic and reminds me of an Armani dress. A place where I imagine Ugly Betty's Amanda and Marc will hang out after work.

Not that there is a sickbay or 24-hour clinic at Clarke Quay. This is the most talk about clinic pub! Drinks are served in packets of drips hanged high and you will have to suck them from a long tube. Hospital screens separate one table from another. Seats modified from hospital bed look comfortable enough. I hope all of the equipments are new and have been sterilised. I think it should be the place to hang out at the moment judging by the number of people they have.

Almost all of the pubs are unique except the Middle-East theme ones. All of them have these water-pipe apparatus outside their place. I tell you, they are tourist attractors. We happen to sit outside next to a Turkish restaurant (see my next entries on where we settled finally...).

A couple next to our table ordered a puff. The Turkish looking waiter came back with the favoured tobacco and placed it on the apparatus. The top was wrapped with aluminium foil. He poked it with a strange looking tongs that has an ice picker attached to it. Then he placed small pieces of red-hot charcoal on top of the aluminium. Done.

It is not very hygienic. Although, they will provide individual wrapped plastic disposable mouthpiece, the head was not cleaned or sterilised for the next user. It was left on the floor and the plastic mouthpiece from the previous user was still attached to it. However, the young couple (look Singaporean to me) was happily puffing away after replacing the mouthpiece.

The smell of the waterpipe was nicer than cigarettes. It is a bit similar to sandalwood - sweet and musky. Anyway, it is as potent as cigarettes. I had a headache after sitting next to them for almost one hour.

While chatting away, the music at the Turkish restaurant became louder. Out came a sexy belly dancer swaying her hips. The dancer is quite professional. Despite the strenuous dance movements, she maintain her bright smile. Picture below was showing her trying to balance her sword while swaying her hips. The music played is hot. Should be good for gym session.

Of course, there are many more interesting places that I have not managed to take picture. For example, the legendary Ministry of Sound (MOS) that queue and crowds never seems to end. The other place where the queue is equally long is .... the Taxi stand.


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