Thursday, March 26, 2009

Finally! Faye Wong Confirmed to Be Back (Briefly, that is)!!!

My oh My, I was delighted after reading the news! The Godess of Music is coming back! Faye Wong is going to be back soon !!! (Ahem...Erm… Briefly...)

Chinese media reported that Faye Wong had recently accepted a shampoo endorsement deal and she was allegedly paid a record-breaking $4 million Sing dollars for appearing in the ad !!! That is, amist the economy crisis, companies are still willing to pay her so much for an ad - it proved that she is still at the top of the game in Asian entertainment scene.
I am sure this news thrilled all Faye Wong fans around the world who have been waiting to see her since she announced her semi-retirement in 2005. 2009 is a special year for Faye. It is her twentieth year in the entertainment scene and rumours have it that she will likely make her comeback this year to mark the occasion. It was also speculated that the ad was the first step of her comeback.

Married to Li Ya Peng in 2006 and after giving birth to their youngest daughter Li Yan, Faye spent her time mostly in Beijing, leading a simple life. However, attention from the press and her fans never fade. Many of the fans pledged to wait for her to come back and I am one of them.

However, before everyone get too excited on her comeback, the news also reported that though she agreed to take up the endorsement, she is not keen to stage a world tour. It was reported that she does not want to leave her youngest daughter alone and will only accept work if it does not requires her out of Beijing. Some recording company even willing to pay her up to $20 million to produce album for her, but apparently she was not moved. Faye is not getting out of her bed for $20 million dollars!

Ok, I guess we will not get to see her in person and hear her sing soon... But Faye~ You are Still The Best, There Ever Was!!! By the way, the ad is likely to hit airwaves in April, so watch out everyone!


Anonymous said...

Check out Faye's ever-etheral vocals in her new song:

Photosophize [ 影.像.物语 ] said...

Thanks for the alert! I have already posted a new entry on it! :)