Sunday, March 15, 2009

Childhood Reminiscence - Sembawang Confectionery @ Beach Roard

Let's continue back to my childhood neighbourhood. Near our place, there is a confectionery named Sembawang. Yes, it is located at Beach Road, but not sure why it was named Sembawang instead.

Anyway, long before there were Breadtalk and Cake History outlets, confectioneries like the one above dominated the neighbourhood estates. They baked cakes and breads of various variety on location and sell them fresh.

I remember mum used to buy their banana cake slices and I always like the peanut butter cream cake. (I wonder if that was the reason why I was so big...) They are super cheap. It used to cost like 50 cents to 60 cents per piece and after the recent price hike, the cake only cost 80 cents per piece! I must say, unlike other neighbourhood confectioneries whose cakes are only so-so, theirs are quite good.

Then in the other side of the shop was their buns and breads. Goodness... I used to love their grounded peanut bun and their luncheon meat bun! The bun are the traditional kind. It has a soft texture and has a slightly sweet taste to it. Most importantly, I also find their buns healthier compared to BreadTalk and Cake History buns. I find BreadTalk and Cake History buns too rich and greasy.

However, the one thing that makes Sembawang famous is their Pandan Cake! I think Sebawang's Pandan cakes are one of the cheapest in Singapore ! It is so cheap that I think it cost more for me to bake them at home.
I always asked my mum to buy the Pandan cake back if she happened to go there to meet old neighbours. The photo above is their large one. Guess how much it is...

The large-sized Pandan cake cost only $4.50!!! Smaller one cost only $2 something... I mean one slice of Bengawan Pandan cake costed about $1.20 already and they sell small-sized whole Pandan cake for $2 something. I seriously wondered whether they make profit or not?

*Drop Jaw...

Look at the cake! It has a nice light green colour. Tasted very moist and tender.

But how is the taste? It is actually quite good. I have eaten both Bengawan's and Sembawang's Pandan cake. Bengawan's Pandan cake is a very much lighter version Chiffon cake that I find it closer to Angel cake’s texture. Light, but slightly unsubstantial. You don’t feel like you are eating cake. Sembawang’s Pandan cake is the opposite. It is tasted like the richer chiffon cake. It is light too, but has a slightly moist texture which I find it more substantial.

I personally prefer Sembawang’s Pandan Cake better. They of course win hands down for the price.

Sembawang Confertionery is located at Blk 6 Beach Road. It is few minutes walk from Golden Mile Market!

Prefer to bake your own? Read here !


power deta said...

I had been eating their cake too since young . GREAT taste .Right now i'm already married and move away from beach Rd but need to visit them often because my sons love their Pandan cake. He too think that it taste better than other brands cake .

jol said...

Hi, any idea if it's still there? I remembered those few blocks around the area have been torn down. If it's not there at Beach Rd, does anyone know where it might have moved to? I know of one shop which sells the right texture and sweetness (my kind of gor-tzar-bee taste [reminiscent fond taste]). It's located at MacPherson JTC flatted factory coffee shop. I think the confectionary is named 'Clariss'