Thursday, March 5, 2009

Childhood Reminiscence – Kallang Beach

Note: Photos have been "aged"

Not sure why, I was in reminiscence mood few months back. I thought a lot about my childhood. Well, I used to question whether I did have one. Haha… I missed the neighbourhood where I grow up in and things that we used to do when I was young. There have been a lot of developments in Singapore. A lot of things have changed. I decided to drop-by the neighbourhood to take some photos and thus visited the place during the weekends.

We used to stay at Beach Road when we were young. Near our place, there is the Kallang Beach. Kallang Beach is not a natural beach, but a man-made one. I always thought it was where the Kallang river ends, but not sure why it was called a sea , perhaps someone could advise me on the term.
I remembered that we always begged our father or uncle to bring us there during the weekends. Yes, I do know that Kallang Beach is “notorious” and my mum forbids us to go there during the lunar seventh month, but it is as good as we can get. Where to find a place where there is sun, sea and sand? In addition, the biggest lull was probably the few playgrounds in the park then.

Living near Kallang Beach has its plus points. There are always sea breeze throughout the day, thus always cooling. If the National Day happened to be held at the National Stadium, we have the best view in the city for fireworks. There is no need to squeeze with the crowds and break your head just to see the far away bfireworks and no need to break your head on how to get home after it. You are enjoying fireworks at the comfort of your home!

The "bridge" which will bring us to "Beach". Hmm.. It rhymes. Looking at it reminds me of the excitment that we always had crossing it.

Kallang Beach changed as well. First thing I noticed was the raising water level. It was supposed to be low tide, but the sea water was beaming up the shore. There wasn't much sandy area left. I remembered we used to dig for La La (a type of shellfish) to bring home to cook. I definately would not do that now, but 20 years ago the area was relatively clean. In any case, I have eaten them and still alive.

Also, I guessed they are doing some development work, thus a lot of areas are actually boarded up. The playgrounds are gone... The park was so remotely quiet that I felt rather uncomfortable walking there alone.

Ok, look at the picture, guess what is it? Those who think that it is a tiny coconut, please put up your hand! I always thought it was baby coconut too, until recently while watching a Taiwan documentary that I learnt that it was betal nut!!! Amazing right? Just to clarify, I might be mistaken, thus let me know if it is not betal nut.

I brought along a small shove then, hoping to catch some La La for photos, but the raising water level does not allowed me to do so. Nevertheless, I found some seashell which signifies that they are still around! Judging from the size, the La La looked big.

Crawling around the sand are Morning Glory vines. I happened to spot a flower bud. I guessed it will looked beautiful if bloomed.

Sam Tat Building. I am not sure what they really do in the building, but it was one of the old significant landmark at the Kallang Beach area. Before it, there was the famed old gas work installations at Kallang Beach. It was demolished several decades ago. As seen in the photo, the exterior signs were all wore out. The Chinese character which supposed to reflect "三达大厦", the sign now reflect "二达大厦" and English sign Sam Tat Building now refected "Am Tat Bui Ding". Haha.

Anyone knows the name of this bridge? I supposed this bridge was quite ancient too, but there was no inscription of the name. Hmm...The design looked very similar to those bridges in Clark Quay area.

The pillar design looked like it was built during the colonial times.

I wondered whether lion and palm tree craving had any significant.

One of the larger canal which flows toward Kallang Beach. There are actually people fishing along the banks. Can the fish be eaten in the first place?

Time really flies...


QuaChee said...

nice sharing here. ive not been to kallang beach. i think its cool that its near the city :)

but is it going to be developed?

Photosophize [ 影.像.物语 ] said...

Hi QuaChee, Kallang Beach is not like East Coast where are a lot of things to see and do. It is a bit dirty as people throw rubbish into the sea.

It is currently under development. A lot of parts are board up, no access. I wrote about it because it is part of my childhood.

Thanks for the comments!

Anonymous said...

the bridge is Crawford Bridge