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Count Down Party at Paulaner German Bar !

Not sure if it was hangover, but I did not manage to blog about the countdown party until today. I brought my camera along with me on New Year Eve day with the intention to photograph down the last moment of 2008. However, due to an unexpected change of plan, I did not manage to hit the street until about 6 pm on New Year’s Eve.

Guessing that it would be very crowded at Marina Bay and Esplanade’s area, we decided to forsake the fireworks and go countdown at somewhere else. Paulaners – The German Bar cum Restaurant at Millennia Walk opposite Suntec Convention Hall then came to our mind. One of Secondary Schoolmate introduced us to that place some years back and ever since then Paulaners becomes a special place for us.

We reached there at about 9 pm. It was already very crowded in the pub. The pub interior area is already full-house. We had wanted to give up and go somewhere else when one of the waitresses told us that a table was available inside. A good start for the New Year, it seems.

Look at the crowd in the pub - people are already in partying mood when we reached!

Paulaners being a German pub is of course famous for their beer. Though the selection is rather limited with only lager and strout to choose from, these beers are freshly brewed at the pub. I must say their lager tasted much better than Tiger beer if you know what I mean. Tiger beer is an acquired taste for first-timer as it is very dry and bitter, but Paulaner's lager is not as dry and in fact tasted quite smooth and has a rather delicate malt taste. Their stout on the other hand has a richer flavour with a fuller body compared to lager, but not as intensed Guinness Stout.

I am trying very hard to describe the taste here since I am not a big fan of beer. However, I find their beer taste acceptable for first-timer and ladies because they tasted much better (largely because of the smooth quality) than the commercial ones. Those who like me who don't really like beer can give it a try as well.

Well, if you really don't like beer, Paulaners of course served other alcholics drinks as well. Their selection is again not as wide as some pubs, but the drinks like cocktails came in rather larger-sized glass and tasted quite delicious! Drivers, their fruit juice cost $7 dollars.

Another main attraction of the pub is the live band performance. Noticed the large copper pot looking instrument in the background? It is their brewing instrument (not sure if it can be called an instrument). There is a small walk-way concrete platform surrounding it that makes an elevated narrow stage for performers. Not sure what is their name, but the songs they sings ranges from oldies to latest chart hits. You can make dedications if you have pen and paper.

I actually wrote a very long list for them that day and amazingly they covered quite a number of the songs. I did not manage to say to them then, but the performance was great and they sing very well! Thank you for the amazing performance!

Because it is New Year Eve, there are party pack too for each of the customers. There is mask, beeper and all sorts of sound making gadgets.

With so many materials on hand, Photosophize just had to show off how she decorated the plain black party hat! Taa Daa! Cool hor?

I must say their beer refreshing taste goes very well with the German pub food.

This time round, we ordered their sausage sampler plate (for 2 to 3 people) which had Spicy Chicken Sausage, Numberger Sausage (pork) and the Cheese Knuckles Sausage (pork). It is served on a bed of Sauerkraut.

This is the Spicy Chicken sausage. It is a rather lean sausage where one can still tasted the meat texture in it. Not really spicy on my opinion, but had a savoury taste.

Numberger sausage as seen above had been grilled till the casting burst. I had thought it would had a strong intense flavour compared to their two, but it is the mildest flavoured one among the three. I like the firm and "crispy" casting which snaps in every bite.

The last flavour - Cheese Knuckles happened to be my favourite among the three. I think it is very important for sausages to have a good casting as it can determine whether a sausage is good or not. Again, this one has a good casting. Most importantly for a cheese sausage, it was served still warm and you know that it is good when you can see the melted cheese squirt out when you sink the fork into it. Yummy!

I also love their sauerkraut. German traditionally served Sauerkraut (cabbage stewed with vinger)with rich food such as pork knuckles and sausages. The vingery taste of the sauerkraut cuts the oiliness in them. Though it is supposed to be sourish, but the taste is not too strong until it is stinging. In fact, the taste is rather mellow and nicely balanced.

Before the count down, we also witnessed an unexpected surprise. Someone proposed on stage. See pictures below. He got the band to invite them onto the stage on the pretext that they wanted to do a duet.

Then once up there, the guy suddenly went down on his knees...

It was quite interesting to witness a proposal. I have never seen one before. The crowd were cheering like mad for him. The sound was so deafening that we almost couldn't hear him pop the question. His girlfriend looked quite embarrassed, but I am guessing that she will never forget that day.

After kneeing for like half-a-day and asking the question once, the nervous guy realised that he forgot to take out his ring... Haha. Hmmm, I was wondering why the girlfriend did not smile... Haha.

Like in the movies, the girlfriend was so touched that she cried. She could not even mumbled out a yes and could only nob her head. So romantic... Congratulations to them and here's wishing them love and happiness always !!!
Soon after the romantic episode, it was time for countdown! The band sang the song - "Final Countdown" to usher in the New Year! Strangly, my friends and I copied what others did there - raising our beer mug and shouted "Yum Seng" in true Singapore style for blessing and good luck!

I hope it is not too late, but here's wishing everyone a Happy New Year and may you all have a joyful and lucky year ahead!!!

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