Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pet Goldfish Just Laid Eggs!

My goldfishes have become Mum and Dad!!! I am so proud!They were so high this morning, splashing around and there are water everywhere. For a moment, I had thought they were crazy. That turned out to be their mating rituals.

I just did some research online. A goldfish can spawn 500 to 1000 eggs per time. However, the adults including the mum and dad will eat up most of the eggs. They should take 2-4 days to hatch depending on water temperature. Eggs that are fertilised should be clear and unfertilised eggs are opaque.

See the eggs upclose! They looked opague, thus are not fertilised. I am not so sure though, thus will not be removing them yet. Anyway, if they really hatch, I might not get to see them too as they will be eaten by the rest of the adult fish... I hope some will survive.

I supposed this might be goldfish mum. She is still guarding eggs laid on the filter. There are only a few left. The rest are hidden behind the filter. I am still considering whether or not to remove them. The water turned chalky after all the action...

An auspicious start for the Lunar New Year!


dead_cockroach said...

Hi, my goldfish laid eggs before too but none survived. However, my angelfishes' eggs managed to hatched and grow into adults.

My experience with angelfish is that if any of the eggs is affected by fungus (the eggs turn white), it will spread to the other eggs, so you must remove the white colored eggs.

Photosophize [ 影.像.物语 ] said...

Thanks very much for the advise, er..dead_cockroach! (Nick sound rather weird). I seperated them after all and there are only like 20 plus eggs left. Nothing happened thus far, if I don't see anything, I will probably pour it away.