Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Personality Test 1 - Colourgenics Analysis - Analyse Colour Choice to Reveal Your Current Situation

This is super accurate... I was reading xtralicious blog entry on Colourgenics analysis by colour choice. I tried the test and the results are freakingly accurate. It described accurately of my current situation...

Anyway, I have been thinking and the root of all my problems - my weight. It hindered my life. Deep down, I have always been an ambitious person. I wanted the world and I know I can get whatever I wanted with my abilities. If not, I am prepared to fight for it and I may not lose out to others, but yet I am tied down because of my weight. This depressed me greatly...

Stuck in rut and I am not sure when will I be able to get rid of the extra weights. I am serious this time round to get myself back on track. I do not want face anymore of the discrimination. My body image is not giving myself justice…

My Personal Profile

You have exaggerated demands on life but you are cautious enough to try to hide these beliefs from the outside world. You are covert enough to try to impress other people around you with your achievements and at the same time able to put on an act of pretending to be 'humble' - being the same as everyone else. It would appear, however, that whatever you are doing seems to be working out O.K.

You are trying to improve your position and prestige - be it in your life or in your workplace. Things are, at this time, OK - but they could be better. You feel that it is essential that you break down any opposition that could possibly lurk in the shadows. You know that you are quite capable of achieving this set goal because you have to and because it is essential to your self esteem.Being emotionally inhibited you have no alternative at this time but to be a 'watcher' rather than a 'doer'. At this time you feel as if you are being forced to compromise and stand back. But this is not the true you. Deep down there is that warm 'open' you which is awaiting the moment to burst forth - maybe like the chrysalis which will soon become the butterfly.

Whatever has caused the situation, you just don't seem to be able to sustain or maintain relationships as you would wish to. What you really seek is to be able to develop a relationship with someone with whom you can truly share: Love, Serenity, Peace and Quiet. But you are a very demanding person and it is your nature that leads to disquiet and discord: you are like the tide, flotsam and jetsam... One minute you experience 'highs' and a few moments later 'lows'. This obviously will introduce discord into any relationship and with this demanding attitude - the ideal state you desire is unable to develop. Despite the urge to gratify your natural desires, you impose a considerable self-restraint on your instincts in the belief that this demonstrates your superiority and raises you above the common herd. You are extremely critical of everything that is presently going on around you and you find it difficult to listen to or to take advice from anyone. You enjoy the original, the ingenious and the subtle.

It is strange that the anxiety that you are experiencing at this time is of your own making simply because of your desire to be respected by your fellow man and with those whom you work with. You are not satisfied. The normal congenial 'you' is becoming quite introverted. This is becoming increasingly more obvious because you seem to shy away from participating in everyday activities. You are refusing to allow yourself to become involved or to participate with others and it is the reluctance to communicate that is the inherent cause of your problems.

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Rachel Chung said...

Glad you found it somewhat helpful. It is good to evaluate our situations at different times of our lives.

PS - I like your posts on the Little Nonya drama. Very analytical :)