Monday, January 26, 2009

Be blessed by God of Fortune !!! 快来迎接财神!

Been down on your luck? Hope that it could do better for the coming year? Need some luck for the coming 10 million TOTO draw? Well, your chance is here as the ultimate fortune booster has arrived on Photosophize! He is one God we have been waiting for... The one God that we hope to get blessing from in these uncertain times. He is ....

Drum Roll, Please ~~~~~


I happened to met him at Plaza Singapura today! So Lucky! :)

As the Chinese saying goes "独乐乐不如众乐乐, 大家乐才是真的乐" which translated to " True Happiness is When All is Happy. Why Not Share Happiness with All." Photosophize decided to encode this blog entry with luck!
  • Press your palms together.
  • Make a wish
  • Recite: 好运连连发发发 财神一定到我家! Huat Ah!
  • English: Good Luck All Year Round! God of Fortune Will Come Rounds after Rounds! Huat Ah!

Skeptical? Come on, it is Chinese New Year - We are allowed to be Supersitious and it is quite innovative too! ;) Btw~ your wish will come true sooner if you pass the link on... (Haha~)

Lastly, I sincerely wish all readers a Happy Lunar New Year and may your wishes comes true!


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