Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Random Photos from KL

Well, I have almost posted most of the KL's trip photos. Below are the last batch of photos. Like all good things, it will come to an end eventually. This KL trip marks a proper closure of a chapter in my life. Happy, Sad, Bitter Sweet, I guess we screwed up and had created a mess, but we are too old to continue to do that. I hope all of us will be happier and concentrade on what is more important in life. I know I have... To a tearless 2009!

I have seen Chou Dai Fock advertisment on cable TV before (I am not cursing, that is the cantonese pronunciation of 周大福). The famed Hong Kong jewellery boutique actually opened a branch at The Gardens , Mid-Valley! Wow... They were quite alert. While I was taking photos, they immediately came out to see what I was doing. Haha! I am not a robber, just a hopeless blogger~

Delights of Gurney Drive! Again at the The Gardens, there is this Marche-concept Penang themed restaurant named Gurney Drive. Look at the beautiful decor~

I am guessing the trishaw is a unique sight of Penang. I have never been there, but I have heard that there are a lot of delicious street food. Gurney drive to Penang is akin to Jalan Alor to KL, these are streets where famed hawkers resides! I do hope I could be go there for holiday soon~ (Friends who are interested to go, sms me k?)

Look at the grand entrance! I wonder if there are a lot of Peranakans in Penang. The decor looked very much Straits Chinese-influenced.

We love to shop in other countries' supermarkets as they differs very much from Singapore's. The photo was above were taken at Great Eastern Mall's Cold Storage. They had a live seafood section! Really atas (malay word for high class)!

What is live seafood without lobster? While taking photo, I cannot help but think lobster has feelings too. It was a rather shy/scare lobster and it retreated as I was flashing away. At that moment, I felt really bad that I was thinking it as food... Maybe I should strike lobster off my diet forever... For info, I have already strike crabs and frogs off my list of edible food. Hai~ May it reincarnate into a better being soon.

I think these are see hums aka cockles. Not the normal one, but the supersized cockles... How did they get so big, almost the size of a small apple. I wondered how they tasted like and how people actually cooked them. Imagine using hum this big for Cha Kueh Tiao... We probably have to slice them. Haha.

Hey, I have never seen swiming crabs before. These, I supposed, are sea-crab. Are they any good, does anyone know?

It was Halloween period when we were there. Therefore, at Pavilion’s basement supermarket, we saw these enormous pumpkins for sale! They are not cheap and very heavy. Behind them were different variety of pumpkins. I wondered if they can be used to make kueh… Hmm...

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