Saturday, February 14, 2009

KL's Super Noodle House - 新香港粥面家

I am not a great fan of hotel's breakfast no matter how good they can be. Especially straight after a few days' stay at the hotel, the smell of the cafeteria is enough to make my face green without having to step inside it. So, on the last day of my KL trip, I ventured out for some local food for breakfast.

Located outside Sungei Wang Plaza, there is this restaurant named "Super Noodles House".

Exterior of the restaurant had a very strong Chinese influenced decor, with Chinese pavilion-themed trimmings painted in ancient courts' colours of red and green. It was a rather prominent restaurant along Bukit Bintang Road.

新香港粥面家 or Super Noodle House specialised in Cantonese hawker food such as Roasted Meats, Noodles, Poridge and Dim Sum.

Just take a look at the wide varieties of roasted meats - Shiny Goose and ducks, Sticky Cha Siew, Cripsy meat and mini-suckling pigs. All of them looked very good. However, because it was early morning, I ordered something lighter.

I ordered Wonton Noodles in soup. Wonton is the cantonese pronouciation for a type of dumplings which is known as 馄饨 or 云吞 (hun tun or yun tun) in Chinese. They usually had minced pork and shrimp fillings, but the one which I have ordered above only had whole shrimps as fillings.

It was served steamy hot. The soup was clear and flavourful. It had a pleasantly light sweetness to it. I like how it warms up my stomach immediately. The noodles was cooked to perfectly al dente like how Wonton noodles should be - chewy and emits a light eggy fragnance. The shrimp wonton tasted good too. The shrimp meat was fresh and Q - it had some resistance when bite into it. Each of them explodes with rich seafood flavours!

I noticed the rest of the customers ordered Dim Sim from them. They were cooked upon order and served steamy hot. I ordered Har Kao (shrimp dumpling). Like the wonton, the shrimp meat had good texture and was very fresh. They should be eaten while hot, otherwise the skin was harden.

I also ordered their deep-fried dumpling. They had minced meat as fillings, with finely diced carrots and onions. Not bad, but I think it could be improve further.

If you were there for lunch and dinner, remember to order their dessert too. The desserts are typical Hong Kong dessert - Mango Pudding, Chilled Almond Jelly, Fruit Sago, Cream of Water Chestnuts, Egg Stewed with rock-sugar etc. I like how they printed part of the menu of mirror wall which looked very much like a traditional Hong Kong cafe.

While slurping on my noodles, I looked up dreamily at the restaurant. Hours later, I will be leaving KL and back to Singapore...

The bill came I was jolted awake! The breakfast was quite cheap by Singapore's standard! Rm$7.50 for the wonton noodles which converts to roughly $3 sing dollars. RM$6 for dim sim costed $2.5o sing dollars! I thought their wonton noodles tasted better and of course more worthwhile than Crystal Jade's. For $3 sing dollars, I can only probably buy wonton noodles from coffee shop and the filling is of course pork only...

Looking out of the window, I wondered when I will be back again to taste the rest of their food items...


Very Worthwhile, Must Try!


Jawker said...

man, i didn't get to see this when i was there! but you should try the wanton mee (dry) at jalan alor. damn popular among the locals too.

Photosophize [ 影.像.物语 ] said...

Hi Jawker, we did not manage to go Jalan Alor, was too busy shopping, but we did have wonton noodles dry at Petaling street, KL chinatown and they were good too. There are a lot of good food in KL. I want to try their Zi Char next time and especially the Da Lou Mien (KL Hokkien Noodles). I always ate them in JB only and love them. They are exactly healthy as they were covered with lard, but it is so damn good.

You can read things which I have ate and travelled in KL under traveling.


VinN said...

Sorry.. can u gv me tis shop's phone number? thx yar

Photosophize [ 影.像.物语 ] said...

Hi VinN, I was about to reply that I do not have the number, but then I managed to magnify my receipt’s photo and on the top was the number.

Tel: (03) 2142 4729/739

In case you need the address as well:

Add: LG001, Sungei Wang Plaza, Lower Ground Floor , Jalan Sultan Ismail 50250, KL.