Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Faye Wong's Unreleased New Song -" I Love You"

Apparently, Faye Wong still got an unreleased song titled - I Love You. Written by her pal - Zhang Ya Dong, the song was actually an OST for a mainland movie titled " I Love You"! The song was re-arranged and published in Zhang Ya Dong's latest album.

I like the mood which the song sets - cold, sensual and mysterious. Faye's crystal clear and breathy voice provided the song with emotions and soul. I searched, but there is no mentioned of who penned the lyrics. I would have guess Lin Xi if it was a Faye production, but it is not. In any case, I quite like the line - 那些抓不住的 才是真的。。。

Isn’t that Love? One cannot see it, cannot show it to others but it is real and present because we can feel it. Material and bread though essential in a relationship, but their presence does not meant that there is love. Only those things which you cannot hold on to are true …

王菲未发表新歌 - "我爱你"


多简单 爱情 像就做完的梦 清楚 模糊
多简单 像第一次问你爱不爱 你说 爱 爱
多美丽 回答 它轻轻的掠过 不愿 落下
这一些热的烈的情 和苍白的浮冰 多无影

散 散落 那些忽而现 又有时隐而不见的飞
啊… 散落 那些抓不住的 才是真的。。。

多简单 爱情 它轻轻的掠过 不愿落下
这一些热的烈的情 都无影 啊 多透明

啊… 散 散落 那些忽而现 又有时隐而不见的飞
啊… 散落 那些忽而亮 转而模糊 隐隐约 约飘落
啊… 散 散落 那些忽而现 又有时隐而不见的坠
啊… 散落 那些抓不住的 才是真的。。。

那些抓不住的 才是真的。。。 祝天下有情人能终成眷属!

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