Saturday, February 21, 2009

25 Things about Photosophize

There is this "25 things about yourself" craze in Facebook. One of my friend tagged me in one of her's and I thought she is pretty honest. I tried to draft my own, but stopped as I am concerned of revealing too much privacy for my comfort.

However, I thought it will be "fun" to reveal some things about Photosophize so that readers will have a better idea . So, below is 25 things about Photosophize.

  1. “Photosophize” sounded masculine, but I am actually a lady not a guy.
  2. I made up the word - “Photosophize” which supposedly meant philosophizing photos. I believed there is a story behind every photo.
  3. Majority of the photos that are published earlier are taken using Nokia N73 camera phone. However, my phone is a bit cranky now, thus I am using Panasonic FX10 camera.
  4. Am saving up for Nokia N79, but if any camera phone company happened to read this and decided to sponsor me, I welcome all. I will make sure all people know that I am using your product.
  5. I would describe myself as curious and creative and love anything related to design and music.
  6. I wanted to be a musician when I was young. I thought I can write pretty good lyrics.
  7. Dislike arrogant and selfish people. Especially those who judged and looked down on people.
  8. My voice is the most beautiful thing that God or whoever had bestowed me.
  9. I love to sing and I know I can sing, but I have never won any singing competition before. Hmm… Maybe voice is not the sole criteria.
  10. My idols are Faye Wong, Teresa Teng and Madonna.
  11. I am rather interested in making short film. I hope to produce my own short film in time to come.
  12. Though I love to eat, I cannot eat beef due to religious reason.
  13. Also due to religious reasons, I vowed off eating frogs, crabs and prawns etc live living thing. I am not very strict with prawns though as long as I am not cooking them myself.
  14. Because of #10, I hope I could be vegetarian one day.
  15. Lousy food spoilt my mood and day because we can only eat so much per day, why waste it on lousy food?
  16. I used to go library every weekend to read in order to improve my written English.
  17. I am terrified of dogs. Would avoid them at all cost.
  18. If I was a fruit, I would be durian. Those who can stand me will love me a lot, those who cannot take it, will loathe me.
  19. I often offend people without knowing and I can be bossy at times.
  20. I started blogging because I got too much spare time.
  21. I hate liers and to be taken as a fool sometimes. I might not say doesn’t meant that I don’t know and I don’t mind.
  22. As much as people are more educated nowadays, there are still people who looked rudely at fat people especially fat girls. It is very rude to do that, I always make sure they know that.
  23. I know streets of KL like the back of my hand, but I never know how to navigate my way in Orchard.
  24. My brothers are my most important food critics. They are just impossible to please.
  25. I do hope I will be able to find someone who will accept me for who I am. I want to bake him a jar of cookies to bring to work, so that he can have one and thinking of me. :)

If you happened to read this, start sharing 25 things about yourself too. Perhaps we can hyperlink each other's article.

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