Tuesday, September 16, 2008

How to Make A Chocolate Fondant Cake?

Chocolate Foundant Cake - Dessert. Essentially a chocolate cake with moist centre. Looked undercook, but actually not. The original receipe was taken from Gordon Ramsay's cookbook which called for 120 g of sugar and 2 yolks. I adapted it to suit Asian's taste bud.

The original receipe was too sweet for my liking, thus I reduced the sugar content. Just a word of caution, you are not supposed to reduce sugar when making cake, because sugar apparently make the cake moist and it will turn out dry if there is not enough of it. I reckon that there is some water content in the chocolate, thus it would remain moist. Also, I used one whole egg to replace two yolk, thus there is more than enough moisture in the cake to make up for the reduced sugar.

You can either bake a whole cake or small muffin-sized cake for each individual.


100g of chocolates, good quality, dark and bitter at least 70% of cocca, melted

100g of butter

90g of sugar

100g of plain flour

A tablespoon of cocco powder

3 eggs

Preheat oven to 160 degree celcius.


Crack the eggs and sugar in the mixing bowl.

Whisk them until pale and thick in consistency. It should take about 10 mins.

In another metal bowl, mixed the dark bitter chocolate and butter. Put them over hot water (not boiling) to melt them.

Do not melt them over open flame directly as chocolate burnt easily. Stir them constantly to ensure that the ingredients are well-mixed. The chocolate mixture will looked smooth and shiny when melted properly. Let it cool for at least 10 mins before use.

Stiffed the flour before use. This action incorporate air into the flour and will also remove any lumps in it. To incorporate maximum amount of air into the flour, stiff the flour from a higher height.

By now, the eggs and sugar mixture should look thick and will form a ribbon* consistency. When dripped from top, the mixture will stay on the surface for a while.

Now, this is the technical part. Pour the melted chocolate into the egg mixture. Stiff one part of flour into the mixture and fold. You can use metal spoon or spatular. Folding meant you scope part of the mixture on top of the flour. This method of mixing prevent deflation air bubbles in the mixture. Repeat until the flour is used up and there are no more lumps of flour hidden in the mixture. Becareful when doing this, over-mixing can caused the air bubbles to escape and cake will not raise when it happened.

Carefully, divide the mixture into the baking tin. You might have left over, I baked them in two batches. Muffin tray will take about 10-12 mins. 20 cm cake tin will take about 18-20 mins. When ready, the cake will raise slightly and it should be firm at the side when touched, but middle will feel wobby.

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