Friday, September 5, 2008

KL Trip - Swiss Garden Hotel

When travelling, hotel is the most important thing to me. I cannot imagine after one day of shopping and walking, coming back to dirty hotel room. I need to feel safe and sleep well to get myself refresh for the next day.

I had travelled to KL 3 times thus far, but I had a very bad experience the first time I went. We stayed at the Federal Hotel then. Not only the room had shabby décor, wore carpet, dirty bathtub, it had cockroaches as well! My roommates and I were so shocked that we had to plug our ears to prevent cockroaches from crawling in at night. Because of it, I did not manage to get a wink throughout the night.

The second time we stayed at Mediya. It was clean, but the room rates were quite expensive. This recent time that I went, we stayed at Swiss Garden. It was the best hotel I ever experienced in KL thus far! I actually had some reservation about the hotel at first because of the review online. One of the guests reported that there were cockroaches in his room and many reported of their unfriendly staff.

Don’t believe them. I had a good time staying there. Look at the room. They were so spacious, chic and clean in my opinion. Maybe there are cockroaches in every room, but as long as they did not appear in my sight, I am ok. About their staff, I thought they were pretty ok in fact they left a very good impression on me.

We stayed at level 13. Clean bed sheets and fluffy pillow. Felt sleepy just by looking at it.

This is not a show room and yes we had a flat screen TV in our room. There are a lot of channel too. I remembered watch "Alantis" on Disney Channel. :) Great bedtime story.

The first day we had our breakfast, I noticed they placed beef next to non-beef product. When people take both food with the thongs, they contaminated the non-beef food. I cannot take beef by religion and was quite particular about it. I saw their chef/manager and suggested to him nicely that perhaps, they should put all the beef together so that it would not contaminated other food stuff and people like me with diet restriction would have a better experience. He smiled and thanked me for the suggestion. I had thought that is it.

Guess what happen the next day? They implemented it. The chef/manager even purposely greeted me and asked me how is it. While I know that he had taken note of my feedback, but I did not expect them to implement it immediately. I felt so appreciated.

Then there was their lounge - The Blue Chip.

We ordered a few drinks at their lounge and yes it was also cheaper than Singapore’s, but the drink taste wasn’t so good.

There was a live band. One of my poly-classmate’s birthday was coming soon and they suggested that I sing him a song. So I asked their lounge singer whether we can do so, she agreed and I took a long time selecting a song because they don’t know how to play the song I requested. In the end, I selected “Hero” which I am not very familiar with. Worse, their sound system almost never exist, the keyboard drowned my voice. Despite that, we had a good time.

Then close to mid-night, the lounge singer approached me and suggested that they will play my friend a birthday song and asked me to sing along with her to surprise my friend. I was so touched. I meant they did not have to do so, but what they did was an extra mile.

I had a very good memory of this KL trip because of them. I will definitely be back at the hotel again. Thank you very much Swiss Garden KL !!!

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