Sunday, September 14, 2008

Look! It's Singapore Flyer!!

Who would have guess that after all the threats given by the quirky organiser, I still managed to go to the Singapore Flyer ! A kind aunty has given me her ticket as she was not keen to go... It is not easy for someone to give up things like that. I guess I am really lucky in a way. However, I really appreciate her kindness!

Upon reaching the place, we were greeted by this unique structure. See below. It looked like an UFO, remarked one of my colleagues. Without hesitation, I whipped out my camera and start taking photos like a tourist.

Guess what is it?

It's a fountain. I thought it looked like a volcano with lava spilling out except that the lava is actually water. Perhaps they build it to enhance the Feng Shui.

Look up and I saw it.

The giantic Singapore Flyer wheel!

We were greeted by the guides and brought up to level 3. Before we can board the cabin, we have to go through security checks. It felt like we were at the airport, passing through the immigration counter!

Being a tourist attraction, Singapore Flyer sells photos of you in the cabin. However, the photos are not really taken in the cabin, but at a special tunnel, where you have pass on your way to board the cabin. Photos of you and your fellow friends are taken against a green background, the scenery and special effects such as sunlights are super-imposed onto the picture.

Then before we know it, the cabin was before us. Guess what, or rather you might have already know, they never stop the cabin for boarding. In fact, it was quite an adeline pumping experience. Although the wheel moves at a slow speed, at that moment on the platform, you felt like the wheel somewhat increased their speed. I felt the boarding experience is somewhat similar to Harry Potter's 9 and 3/4 platform. Those who have "board" the platform might have felt normal, but for first-timer, there is this worry that you might not have make it onto the platform. I worried that I might be left behind because I did not board the cabin fast enough. Worst, what if I fall?

Anyway, I make it too. Hee Hee. See view from inside.

First few metres was rather scary for people who are afraid of heights. See below. I braved my phobia to take you this photo. Can you imagine standing right at the end? I mean how can anyone do bungee jump?

Finally I got hold of myself, thus walked around and take photos of the beautiful skyline.

The Sea~ On the left is a golf course, but I wonder where the sea headed out to...

See above. That's how the cabin looked like from outside.

Guess what I discover? The National Day platform is actually a green grassy soccer field. I didn't know that. I always thought it is metal plates floating above the water.

Singapore famous CBD. You can get a free view without having to pass by any ERP.

Actually halfway on top, I can feel the pressure already building up. My ears felt blocked. Not sure if it was the high altitude, but I felt giddy we reached the top. The whole round took us about 20 to 30 mins. We were pretty busy inside the cabin and not a moment was wasted. Those of us with camera were busy snapping away. Tose without camera took out their phone to take pictures as well.

Well, whatever goes up, will come down. Here we are, reaching the station again.

Doing another "9 and 3/4 platform" stun, I hopped out of the cabin. For a moment, I thought I was going to fall.

Overall, it was interesting for first timer, but I doubt I will be back again soon. Once is enough as it's pretty much that's it.

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