Wednesday, March 19, 2008

“Supervise them and ensure that they do a good job… “

Was so happy that I had what I considered as big break to work with people from different companies for a big event. Honestly, it was a good exposure and a valuable learning opportunity for me. As I represent my company, I had ensure that my company name was not ruined in terms of quality of work and thus put in efforts for every tasks.

However, the attitude of the organizing committee is just rude and disappointing. It left a bitter aftertaste for this experience. The unpleasant incident happened during the day of the event itself.

I regretted getting additional help to tag the seats as it was done half-heartedly with many labels pasted on untidily. Since there is still time, I reprinted the stickers, intended to re-paste the labels neatly. Just informed my group leader about it and the rep from the organizing committee immediately whined:

“We don’t have time for this now. Then what we do yesterday is wasted… " etc excuses that try to make me not to re-do them. She was one of the half-hearted helpers loh. She didn't realised that because of her, I have to re-do the work.

“It is morning now and event is in afternoon, Time is what we have most.” I replied. Also, my group leader didn’t object and in fact she said she will helped me even. I just ignored the rep and went in to start to re-label seats with my helper.

Just as the two of us started not long ago, another rep from the committee came in and started to boss around. He commented that labels must be pasted on neatly and ordered me to do it nicely. I was annoyed by his remarks as he doubted my work integrity. I was trying to salvage the situation and had pasted the labels on neatly, but he just went off ranting without getting the facts right. Funnily, it makes me wonder if they requested additional helpers so that they can boss people around.

Seeing that I wasn't reacting to him, he went and get the rep in my group and said to her loudly: “Supervise them, make sure they paste on the stickers neatly!!! “

This hit my nerve! First, they have doubted about my work integrity and now they are being rude to want to supervise me to do work!!! The fact that my group leader put me to be in-charge of the work (I was just being hands on) meant that she trusted me. What makes him think that I need supervision? If he is concerned about completing the work in time, he should have offered additional help which will be more practical.

A bunch of leeches! Do nothing and still dare to tell people how to do work. How dare they want to supervise me do work!!! How can they be so rude?!!!

I am not throwing my weight around. I understand where I am and have never purposely bully people more junior than me. I try to respect everyone as much, but sometimes people just too rude to deserve them. Still angry, but nothing could be done, rude people went off scotch-free.

See if people help you all next time!!! :P

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