Sunday, March 16, 2008

I just can't smile without you...

"There was a fight between the two front teeth and often bloody. Was a poor student then when suddenly one day they decided they had enough. They seperated. I tried everything (maybe not hard enough) to get them united, but they refused to. I have no choice but to let the cold war continued. Over the years, they seperated further.

When I first started working, I did try resolve the difference. Dentist told me it was gum problem. He recommended to do gum treatment to see if the gum would heal. After some fortune spent, it did got better - no more blood, but dentist still want me to remove them. I decided I am not going to part with them, thus refused to go back to see him. "

"You know, you looked friendlier when you smile. You should smile more often..."

My ex-boss told me that, but I just can't smile. Not that I am not friendly, but if you have a relatively big gap between your teeth, will you smile that often?

Last December, think it was the strawberries seed stuck in the gum, there was infection with the gum again. I decided to resolve the problem soon, so I asked for recommendation letter to National Dental Centre to get them fixed. Funnily, they gave me an appointment but it was three months later which was last Friday.

Man, National Dental Centre is one big dental clinic! The whole building was dedicated to dentistry and even a whole floor for x-ray department. Silly me still thought perhaps after the check-up, I got time to go back for work. Little did I know that the dental check-up took about 1 and 1/2 hours.

My dentist was quite young and a lady somemore. First-time, I ever attended by female dentist. She did the routine check to see the condition. While checking, she called out numbers for her assistance to record it down. Somehow, I think those numbers bodes bad. Then as usual, x-rays so that she can see the bone structure. I was quite happy with the service and all until I met the radiographer.

Maybe it wasn't the right day, the radiographer was not in a good mood. He roughly placed the film in my mouth that it hurts. Worst, he didn't make me wear the steel jacket. I mean I have done x-rays a lot of time especially for the teeth. Almost all would make patient wear the jacket to prevent over radiated. I was afraid he might have missed out or something, thus asked him.

Me : "Sorry, are we suppose to wear the jacket?"

Him very fast:"Abothen"

(Think I heard something like abo-then) Me: "Huh?!"

Him:" No, are you pregnant?"

Me: " No~."

Him:"Then no need..."

I suspect him angry because it hurts a lot more when he placed the next flim in my mouth. By right it shouldn't hurt... Then he got irritated when taking 270 degree x-ray file because I didn't hear him telling me to place my hand on the handles. Worst, after that he ordered me to throw away the plastic cover myself... I mean what got into him. Have to be so fierce to me, your customer meh... :P

Took the film and went back to the dentist. She did second round of checkup - to see if the teeth is still alive. It was quite scary. She used an electrical probe (yes, electrical probe!) to send current to the nerve. I am suppose to feel something if my teeth is still alive. It was this metal looking rod, in which I am suppose to hold it between my fingers. It is suppose to be a little painful then I can just released it.

The first time she do it, we waited a long time, there was no reaction. I got worried.

She then said:"oh, the probe is not working... "

Me thinking:"Bloody...Make me nervous for nothing... "

Then second probe touches my teeth, I immediately shake off the probe. It is the same feeling you get when you have sensitive teeth. Of course, I was glad to know it was still alive.

She recommended the same thing which my previous dentist had done before - Root cleaning but the cost was so much cheaper. Then depending on the rate of healing, I might need a surgery and the cost is still cheap, but the word surgery is freaking me out. After that, they would check again the condition before recommending the braces. (That is not cheap...)

Sound like I got a lot to save up. I just can't smile without you - $$$.


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