Monday, March 3, 2008

Fat again...

I stumped upon this news in U.S yahoo website that an U.S. state lawmaker is putting up a paper to stop restaurants to serve food to obese customers… He clarifies that he never expects his plan would become law eventually, but he is trying to get attention on the increasingly worrying biggest health problem in Mississippi.

Ok…You know what I am going to say… Discrimination!

Now obese people cannot eat out just because they are too fat? Also, what makes him think that it would be effective in reducing the numbers of obese people in Mississippi just by stopping restaurants from serving obese people? If the restaurant served unhealthy food and will make people fat, wouldn’t normal people or slim people get fat and even obese in long term if they continuingly eat at the restaurant? So why pick only on people who are obese and not the rest or even restaurant owners?

In fact, if restaurants have a strong part to play in preventing obesity, so why can’t they force restaurants to serve healthier food? See New York city has already managed to ban restaurants in using trans fats, so by all means ask them to reduce fats and sodium, or even banned supersized portion?

I am not saying that obese people don’t have a part to play in this, but they shouldn’t be blamed for something that was not entirely their fault. I believe it takes two hands to clap, so restaurants, food processing factories who cooked and produced food that are high in fat and sodium content have to take up some responsibilities as well in view of this epidemic.

Obese people can only blame ourselves for not able to stand against temptation and in a way we are stupid enough to be exploited by both restaurateurs and the governments. You pay more to eat more and when you got fat and eventually sick, you are left to fend for yourself. Worst, government tax you for being fat because they deem you are going to spend more of their money.

Mentioning of health cost, yes US government are considering to tax more on people who are obese since they are going to cost the government more on their insurance claims. Then today, there is this article on fat people and health cost.

Sadly or materialistically, there is this perception in which by preventing obesity, it would be able to save governments around the world millions of dollars. The article pointed out that since obese people and smokers would not live as long as someone who is thin and non smoker, it will somewhat cost less to treat them in the long run.

I can’t help but think that is also another form of discrimination. No doubt, we have a higher chance of getting more illnesses and would of course incur more health costs than normal people, but wouldn’t they get very sick or contracted serious long term diseases like diabetic and high blood pressure too? It is unfair to pick on obese people just because we are more prominent.

Makes me wonder, if we can do selective breeding for humans, fat people will be eliminated totally. All people in future will be slim and tall with long slender limbs. Sad.

I asked:

  1. Why should we let that small group of beautiful people influencing us or tell us on what is beautiful?
  2. Why can't the definition of beautiful be broader?
  3. Why can’t people focus on the right thing about obesity?
  4. Can’t people tell us to lose weight for our own sake and not due to economic factor, vanity reasons or just plain discrimination?


I have another blog named SupersizedMe. I wanted to share with people my experience, especially on how I transformed myself from a fat tomboy to a fat girl. Yes, I think fat people can look presentable too, but needed a bit more guidence. I mean, very few magazines would teach fat people how to make themselves look good and no one knows it better than another fat girl. I had originally written some articles in Chinese, but from now on, I will post all those "fat" related articles there in either Chinese or English.

I welcome all of you, regardless of size, to read SupersizedMe.

We don't ask for much. We only want you to respect us like how you would respect other people.

Happy Reading.


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