Monday, September 6, 2010

Tarot Cards

When I was young, I heard interesting but somewhat scary tales about the power of Tarot Cards. I was told that they made freakingly accurate predictions but one has to be very careful when playing with them. There have been reports of people experience strange death after they picked out the death card or something…

They maybe hear-say, but I was so fascinated over the tales that I bought one deck too. Not sure where it is now, somehow I don’t feel connected to the cards at all. Maybe, I wasn’t spiritual enough.

Recently, I found this website by accident which provide free online tarot cards reading. You can choose one out of the 20 themed cards – my favourite is the Golden deck. Then, choose a spread that you wish to be enlightened, for example are you at a cross road, if so Two Paths might be what you need, do you need some advice on relationships matters? Then, relationship spread might be useful.

I usually chose the one-card for fun and to “predict” the take of certain situation . Accurate? I still cannot verify yet, but it is sure interesting.

I especially like the Tarot Cards’ art work. They are enchantingly beautiful… Did I mention every card has an interesting story behind them? Cool…

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