Sunday, August 15, 2010

Show me your teeth!

National Dental Centre called me after a much-anticipated two years wait. There is finally an orthodontist specialist-in-training who needed a patient for his/her final year project and I  was that “lucky” patient. I sincerely hope he/she is the “A” student of the batch and the end result will be a very satisfactory one. (*Finger crossed*)

Maybe this time round with the help of the braces, I will be able to slim down more and become healthier. I heard my friends telling me horror stories about braces. Ulcers will be a “stable” in the mouth. I will not be able to chew anything hard or sticky. I will also need to pack a toothbrush, a teeth picker and floss to remove drags which will often stuck in the between the wire. Oh yes, the tightening of the braces wire will also give me headache and jaw pain… Talking about the price one has to pay just to get a beautiful smile.

Nevertheless, I am willing to endure that no matter how hard the process can be. Unknown to many, all I want all these years was really to smile showing my teeth. A simple action which many people can do without much thoughts, but yet I can never do that.

I am very conscientious of the gaps between my teeth that I hardly smile… I even developed a smile which hardly required me to show my teeth. To people who “read” body language, I could be seen as pretentious or that I have got something to hide. Also because of the lack of smile on my face, there are many people had thought that I looked fierce. Well, for the record - I am fierce, but more towards rude people.

I am going to ask whether they allow me to choose colour of the wire. I kinda of like white or shocking pink colour. Hmm… Maybe not green cause they will looked like permanent drags of vegetables stuck in between my teeth. How about lucky red?

Yeah! Maybe this coming Christmas, I could smile showing my braces.

*Grin* *Grin*

Coincidentally, Lady Gaga had a song called “Show me your teeth”. The lyrics is not really about teeth though… I like the line “No one is perfect

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