Monday, September 20, 2010


It is time of the year again to reflect on my life and to set targets for the next year. I am one year older today. As per last check on the mirror, there are no drastic lines appearing on my face yet. Freckles seems to have increased but worse are the spots who are not showing any signs of retreating… The clock racing in full speed without any signs of slowing down. It is beyond my reach now.

I do think that I had somewhat matured during this past year. Some of you might not think so, but I did mellow down, a little perhaps. It takes time…

Things were still quite rocky and unstable in the early days. Nothing is what it seems to be. I fell from time to time again. Luckily, there will always be a group of kind people to help me up. The fall hurts, but comforting motivations are always not far away. I am thankful for their kindness. Because of their encouragements, I survived one ordeal after another. Things are starting to pick up recently and looking more bearable for me. I will keep my finger crossed and hope for the better.

In a blink of an eye and many whining sessions later, I completed the first year of my degree course! Surprise?! Last year this time, I would not have believed that I could do so. Result for the final module of the year was not out yet (regrettably, I didn’t do well for that one), but thus far I did pretty fine. 

I cherished the opportunity to further study a lot. I studied very hard, putting in a lot of time and effort. It is perhaps a little too much that study had become an unhealthy obsession. Reflecting on some of the things which I had done, I somewhat regretted them very much. I am not proud of them. I seriously felt the need to slow the pace down more and to take things more easily. Not sure if the effort can be sustained, especially that I am very competitive by nature…

However given what had happened recently, I reflected on whether one needs to win every time. An important lesson that I have learnt - To win a battle, one has to sacrifice a lot of important things to achieve it. Sometimes, they are not worth the sacrifices. For example, I am guilty of not spending more time with my family and I wish I  could improve on this. 

It has been quite a good year. I felt very blessed in many ways. There had been many kind people  who had helped me in one way or another. For once, I actually feel the warmth on earth.

Goals for the upcoming year:

  • To thank those who had helped me in one way or another (See if I can help them back, so as to repay their kind gestures.)
  • To lose at least 10 kg
  • To be more social-able so that I can make more friends. (I am very not keen on this one, but I know I need to expand my social circle.)
  • To rent a car and drive my family out for an outing (I haven’t drove since I got my license. Strangely, none of them looked keen to sit in my car when I told them my plan…My mum laughed and even want me to practise under my brother’s supervision first…||| I actually got more millage than him, considering the excessive number of lessons that I took…)
  • To improve on my grammar
  • To practise my English pronunciation
  • To stop occasionally and smell the flowers…

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