Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pringles - Honey Mustard Chip

Psst, have you heard about it?
Pringles had got a new flavour. I know they had got plenty of new flavours, but this one is different. 
It is my favourite flavour – Honey Mustard!!!
That’s right, forget about weirdo Hazelnut and Blueberry flavour, this is what proper chips should be flavoured in.
Sweet and savoury, with a faint hint of vingery smell, Pringles Honey Mustard tasted not bad. I understand that they are not yet available in all Supermarket. For example, I could not find them in NTUC. My brother had brought the above from Mustafa and it cost under $3 dollars.
Of course, if you have more picky taste buds like me, go for the King of Chips – Kettle’s Honey Mustard. They are to die for! Available at Cold Storage, Kettle cost $4.50 a pack. If you happened to chance upon it, be warned and buy two packets. They are often out of stock.
Go on put on some pounds - Happy Snacking! :P

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